"Oblivion awaits!": What champion says this?

"Oblivion awaits!": What champion says this?
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Jake Bannister


3rd Mar 2023 14:33

There’s nothing like a real brainteaser, is there? LoLdle is an online game that puts your League of Legends knowledge to the true test, and in today’s game, we are left puzzled at the quote "Oblivion awaits!". 

Created as a spinoff to the popular Wordle, LoLdle tasks you with finding out a League of Legends champion based upon their details in its ‘LoLdle Classic’ mode.

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LoLdle has since spun off into multiple games, including a ‘Splash’ where you guess based upon a champion's art, ‘Emoji’ with a set of 3-5 to guess the champion, and ‘Ability’ with, well an ability from their arsenal.

Lastly, we’re left with the final mode, the quote. This tasks you with taking a champion's quote and finding out who they are. So, if you’re stuck, keep on scrolling to find out the answer for LoLdle’s March 3 2023's "Oblivion awaits!".

"Oblivion awaits!": What champion says this?

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Today was a tricky one for LoL fans, as we were met with the troubling challenge of figuring out the answer to the quote "Oblivion awaits!".

Today’s answer is Malzahar.

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There you have it, hopefully we helped you along the way to completing all of the LoLdle puzzles. Check back again tomorrow and we’ll give you a helping hand.

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