New World Boatswain Ambrose: How To Complete One Threat At A Time

New World Boatswain Ambrose: How To Complete One Threat At A Time
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New World Boatswain Ambrose is an NPC who you are required to defeat to complete the One Threat at a Time quest. However, he is proving to be very elusive for many New World players, with some wandering around Nyhart's Anchorage without encountering him. If you are struggling to find him too, don't worry because this guide has everything you need to know in order to find and defeat Boatswain Ambrose in New World.

New World Boatswain Ambrose: Nyhart's Anchorage

New World Nyhart's Anchorage Map
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The One Threat at a Time quest will require you to head to Nyhart's Anchorage to defeat both Boatswaine Ambrose and Quartermaster Zebulon. Nyhart's Anchorage can be found in the northern part of the First Light region in the Las Torres Bay. If you head directly north from the First Light Settlement you will come to the Las Torres Bay, Nyhart's Anchorage is a large ship and dock that can be found there and is very visible when you're scouting the area.

New World Boatswain Ambrose Location

New World Nyhart's Anchorage Cave
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Boatswain Ambrose can be quite difficult to find, as the marker on the map doesn't provide many clues as to where he is located. The area surrounding the large boat in Nyhart's Anchorage is a raised wooded area with plenty of buildings and enemies, this also leads you to a walkway to get onto the ship. 

Below the dock is a beached area, which is also a great place to find Rivercress for the New World Rivercress Stem. If you head down to the beach, you will see a cave that goes directly underneath the dock above. Head into this and you will encounter Boatswine Ambrose sitting in the middle of the cave.

How To Defeat Boatswaine Ambrose In New World

New World Nyhart's Anchorage Boatswain Ambrose
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Boatswain Ambrose is a fairly difficult boss character to defeat as he is Level 18 and also Electrified. He is a very aggressive enemy so make sure you use good use of the block and dodge buttons. It is also wise to take out the two other enemies that are in the cave as they will likely join in on the fight which will just make things more difficult for you. After some careful blocking and dodging, you will eventually land enough strikes on Boatswaine Ambrose to defeat him. When I defeated him he dropped a Common Health Potion, but he may drop other loot for you.

New World One Threat At A Time Guide

The One Threat at a Time quest will become available when you reach Level 17 by speaking to Sylvia Oakes in the First Light Settlement Town Hall. She will task you with heading to Nyhart's Anchorage to defeat Boatswaine Ambrose and Quartermaster Zebulon. By following this guide so far you will know how to get to Nyhart's Anchorage as well as how to defeat Boatswaine Ambrose. Quartermaster Zebulon can be found in the giant ship itself in the room on the right when you first board the ship.

New World Nyhart's Anchorage Quartermaster Zebulon
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Like Boatswain Ambrose, he is also Level 18 but has the Brutal stat rather than being Electrified. This makes Quartermaster Zebulon extremely aggressive, likely the most aggressive enemy that you will have encountered up until this point. This fight can be extremely difficult due to the volume of enemies that are on the ship.

You should try and take out as many as you can from the main floor before starting the fight, they also seem to respawn fairly quickly so you might end up having to fight some of them too during the encounter. Like Boatswain Ambrose, utilize your block button extensively as well as your dodge, as he does have some moves which can bypass your block. But persevere and eventually, he will be defeated. Head back to the First Light Settlement and speak to Sylvia Oakes once again to complete the quest.

Now you know everything about New World Boatswain Ambrose, check out our guide to New World iron ore, and keep checking back to GGRecon for more New World guides, news, and our review.


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