New World Azoth Staff: How To Get The Azoth Staff

New World Azoth Staff: How To Get The Azoth Staff
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Many players are wondering exactly how to get the New World Azoth Staff because it's such an important item in the game, yet proves quite difficult to obtain. The Azoth Staff in New World is required if you want to take part in Expeditions, to close Corrupted Portals and Breaches, and it grows more powerful as you progress through the game too. This is what makes it truly special. So if you've heard about the New World Azoth Staff and you need to know exactly how to get it, this is the guide for you.

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New World Azoth Staff Explained

The Azoth Staff is acquired by completing a series of quests for Yonas the Hermit, who can be found at Fisherman's Bend, this is a 3-Star fishing spot in Windsward that can be found west of Grenville. This is one of the easiest places to get New World Aquatic Snails for the Baited quest.

Yonas the Hermit will send you across Aeturnum to a variety of locations and regions, including Windsward, First Light, Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, and Brightwood to complete quests, which will involve a lot of crafting, mob killing, and finding specific items. Once you defeat the Level 20 Forge Master at the Amrine Temple, Yonas will send you on the final quest to the Shattered Obelisk to forge your Azoth Staff.

New World Azoth Staff Uses
New World Corrupted Portals
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The Azoth Staff allows you to then go on expeditions to complete Corrupted Portals and Breaches. These expeditions occur randomly and often require up to five players to complete due to their increased difficulty. By completing these Corrupted Portals and Breaches, you will earn various rewards such as ingredients to craft Amrine Tuning Orbs, as well as valuable and rare gear, and Azoth. 

By increasing the tier of the Azoth Staff, it will allow you to close higher level Corrupted Breaches, and earn even greater rewards. In order to not push you in at the deep end and allow you to walk before you can run, the game has you increase the Azoth Staff tier as you progress, meaning you won't end up finding yourself in a Level 65 Expedition while you are Level 20.

New World Azoth Staff Tiers

New World Corrupted Breach
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The Azoth Staff has five tiers in total, with each allowing the player to take part in higher level expeditions as each upgrade allows you to seal higher level Corruption Breaches. Each upgrade is tied to a quest that only becomes available at a certain level. While the initial quest to obtain the Azoth Staff becomes available at Level 12, you need to be Level 20 when you set out of the final mission to forge the Azoth Staff. Here are the tiers:

  • Tier I - Forge Your Azoth Staff quest (Level 20)
  • Tier II - Covenant Commitment quest (Level 30)
  • Tier III - The Alliance quest (Level 40)
  • Tier IV - Race for the Box quest (Level 50)
  • Tier V - The Tempest's Heart quest (Level 60)

That's all there is to know about the New World Azoth Staff, but keep checking GGRecon for more New World news, guides (such as this New World iron ore one), and our upcoming review.


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