What Do We Know About The New Warzone Map?

What Do We Know About The New Warzone Map?

Written by 

Jack Marsh


20th Apr 2021 10:20

Verdansk, as we know it, is facing its final hours. The honourable veteran that has been with us since day one is finally being laid to rest, but not without a hole or twelve hundred being blasted into its core by an angry member of the Soviet Union; it seems Activision like Rocky III...

The current Warzone map is being obliterated, and it has begged the question - "where are we going next?" 

With many possibilities stemming from both worlds of Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, theories have come and gone, with even some elaborate speculation that we could be headed into the aether to collaborate further with those pesky undead flesh-eaters. 

So, as Season 3 looms, where is the new Warzone map?

1980s Verdansk Warzone Map

The most logical and recent of the leaks suggest that we're all heading back to the 1980s, albeit within Verdansk. 

Reports suggest that the Zombies storylines will collide with Warzone somewhat, to escape the radioactive gases that are spreading across the current Verdansk map. The Dr Richtofen-made teleportation device that is prevalent on maps such as Kino Der Toten and Der Reise will be used to whisk Captain Price and co. back in time. 

Recent in-game hints suggest that landmarks such as Atlas Superstore will remain.

World War 2 Warzone Map

The wait for a WW2 themed Warzone map is going to be long and tiresome, although it looks increasingly likely. However, it will not be in Season 3. In fact, for this theory, you'll have to wait until 2022

Following the launch of Sledgehammer Games' WW2: Vanguard title that will be set in the 1950s, Warzone integration with the title will not come until the following year, just as the developers have done with Black Ops Cold War.

Ural Mountains Map

According to reports, the plans for a Ural Mountains have been cancelled. It was originally reported that the maps we know in Fireteam: Dirty Bomb and Outbreak will be areas of the new Warzone map, although it appears that these plans have been scrapped.

Recent leaks suggest that some areas may find themselves in a new-look Verdansk, such as Duga. The large facility is seen in the Black Ops campaign mission Ashes to Ashes, and has recently been "leaked" to be in Warzone, although the credibility of the leaks has been questioned following the previous tales that it was cancelled.

Warzone New Map: Season 3 

All fingers point towards a 1980s Verdansk where the zombies have been left in the past, and the only thing standing in the way of becoming a battle royale champion is a hippie-infested Superstore that sells peace and love to the wavy ravers.

Warzone Season 3 is set to commence at 5am GMT on April 22, where the new map will come into play.


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