New Warzone Map | Leaks And New Warzone Map Release Date

New Warzone Map | Leaks And New Warzone Map Release Date
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Tarran Stockton


24th May 2022 11:47

It seems like every week we get more news and leaks about the new Warzone map that is set to come after the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 later in the year. Changing up the maps in rotation and adding in new ones has kept Warzone fresh since its release, and with Warzone 2 coming soon, it's set to make the most changes yet. So if you're looking for all the information on the new Warzone map, including the changes set to come to Caldera and Rebirth Island, read on. 

New Warzone Map: Caldera And Rebirth Island Changes 

New Warzone Map  rebirth
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For the third season of Warzone, the Caldera and Rebirth Island maps are receiving some changes, partly to change things up gameplay-wise, and to prepare for Operation Monarch which will see Godzilla and King Kong fighting it out across the former island. There is also a brand-new Gulag which is inside an abandoned ship that has drifted ashore. 


Firstly, the map has a new point of interest that takes place in an archaeological dig site, complete with machinery and the large skeletons of some unknown creatures. To add to this, some existing POIs have seen some major and minor alterations. The peak with the crumbling fortress will now be fully built, housing large towers and methods of ascending to them. The Runway's layout will be changed to add new hangers and barracks for close-quarter engagements, and the Lagoon will expose different pathways with receding water. 


Rebirth Island

The map has had a bit of an aesthetic change as it's become sunnier and clear, giving everyone better visibility. Many locations have also received reworks to balance the map better, such as the old Security Area rebranding to Stronghold with new buildings and options for cover. There are now two cargo ships which docked at the island's ports, letting players explore them above and below deck for high vantage points or close-quarters scraps. Many of the areas have been given more cover across the board, and redeploy balloons are also available for the map.

New Warzone Map: POIs, Everything We Know

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There have been many leaks regarding the next map for Warzone, but the latest comes from Tom Henderson via TryHardGuides. Henderson has recently revealed many of the POIs that are supposed to be on the map, while also hinting at it taking place somewhere in South America, but now we've got a drawing of the current version of the map in development which you can see above. As it's not an official map from Activision, there still may be changes and iterations to go through, and it doesn't show us all the details, such as roads. 

Discussing the map, Henderson writes, "I did not include all of the roads on the map, instead, I relied on just the main features. Water is in blue, densely built-up areas in grey, elevated areas in dark brown, the rail track in black, and the land in brown."

The amount of water present is supposedly due to the inclusion of a swimming mechanic, and while the drawing doesn't illuminate the full scale, Henderson does state "from my impressions it does seem bigger than that of Verdansk and Caldera, especially considering if the grid reference is accurate."

Lastly, in the TryHardGuides article, Henderson talks a little on the DMZ mode set to come to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. This mode is supposed to act similarly to games like Escape From Tarkov and the Hazard Zone mode from Battlefield 2042. Henderson writes that "it’s believed that both Warzone 2 and the DMZ will share the same map in some capacity." However, he does suggest that the entire map will not be available during this mode, and will instead feature sections of it for players to compete in. 

Before the reveal of the full map, there were more leaks courtesy of Henderson. In an article for eXputer, he wrote, "old maps will be returning to not only the core title but to the Warzone 2 map itself." In the article, he talks about the different POIs which will be coming to the Warzone 2 map, which are based on many of the original Modern Warfare 2 maps.

New Warzone Map Terminal POI
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Highrise is set to return, taking place in a large POI called Modern City, full of skyscrapers and building sites for vertical combat. Quarry, Terminal, and Afghan are also three more maps set to be implemented that he was able to confirm, though there are reportedly more that will be used to fill out the 18 POIs set to be on the map. 

Another new addition to the Warzone 2 map is Strongholds. These are located across the map and act as bases for AI enemies where you need to complete objectives to gain access to your loadout. There are multiple tiers of Stronghold which range in difficulty, and there is set to be between 25 and 30 of them. 

The map is also likely to be as large as both Verdansk and Caldera, as the map will need enough content and variation to keep it interesting through the year. Whether this is through new vehicles we haven't seen before, or wholly unique points of interest that haven't been attempted yet, there are a few ways the developers can go. Sadly, the release of this map later in the year will also likely mean the removal of Caldera, much like Verdansk was.

That's all for what we know about the new Warzone map, and know you about some of the rumoured potential locations along with the season three changes to Caldera and Rebirth Island.


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