My Time At Sandrock Feather Duster: Recipe, How To Make

My Time At Sandrock Feather Duster: Recipe, How To Make
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1st Jun 2022 16:53

In My Time At Sandrock, Feather Dusters can be used to remove Dinas (mineral piles) from around the Workshop after sandstorms. A Feather Duster is needed in My Time At Sandrock to complete the ‘Help Burgess Clean The Garden’ quest. To find out how to get the Feather Duster Recipe and how to make it, read on.

  • You’ll also need a good stock of Quartz to craft with for various projects, to learn where to get it check out our My Time At Sandrock Quartz guide.

My Time At Sandrock Feather Duster Recipe

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The Feather Duster recipe can be bought from the Commerce Guild, north of the Workshop, and where you initially meet Yan in exchange for 98 Gol.


How To Make A Feather Duster In My Time At Sandrock

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The Feather Duster is a relatively easy item to craft as it only requires you to have access to a level one Worktable. You’ll also need:

  • Two Wooden Sticks (can be obtained through scavenging wood piles and placing Wood Scrap in a Recycler, or by crafting it from regular Wood on the Worktable)
  • Four Feathers (dropped from defeating Rocket Roosterss in the desert, or by kicking Bird Nests, trees, and cacti)
  • Two Thin Threads (obtained from fighting Bumble Ants, or crafting on a Worktable from Plant Fiber)

Once created, you’re all set to help Burgess and grow friendship with him.

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