MW2 Showcase Not Working: How To Fix

MW2 Showcase Not Working: How To Fix
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Hritwik Raj


3rd Nov 2022 22:31

Modern Warfare 2's launch was as troubled as any other live service game as it faced UI, matchmaking, game crashes, getting locked out of custom loadouts, and many other issues, including Showcase not working. Usually, when you play as a particular Operator in Modern Warfare 2, the same gets showcased in game lobbies. But due to a bug, it's not working as intended. Continue reading our guide on Modern Warfare 2 Showcase not working to learn more about it.

UPDATE 03/11/22: Infinity Ward has now issued a patch that has supposedly fixed the issue. See the below tweet for more information.

What Is Showcase Not Working Issue In MW2?

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As mentioned earlier, Showcase is a feature that allows you to select an Operator, a Weapon, and Calling Cards to present yourself in your own way in game lobbies in Modern Warfare 2. The feature gives a unique touch and an extra layer of personal customization as players like to select their favourite operator and weapon with a cool-looking skin on top of it, further complemented by Calling Cards.

But the Showcase not working issue is reverting players back to the default Fender Operator. And even after changing Showcase Operator, Weapon, and Calling Cards, players are still stuck with the default ones as none of the changes are working even though they have the respective things unlocked.

MW2 Showcase Not Working Fix

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When writing this article, there is no official fix to the Showcase not working issue in Modern Warfare 2. Even after the day one patch that sized up to 55 GB on PC, the Showcase issue persisted, as many players took it to social platforms to confirm it.

We expect the Showcase not working issue to get officially addressed in Modern Warfare 2's next patch. But for now, all you can do is try out the basic troubleshooting steps, hoping to fix the issue.

You can try restarting the game, turning the Graphics setting On Demand Texture Streaming Option Off and On, and even re-installing the game as the last option. While these basic steps manage to fix many issues, we haven't seen it fixing the Showcase not working issue to the fullest.

How To Edit Showcase Operator, Weapon, And Calling Cards In MW2

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You can edit Showcase Operator, Weapon, and Calling Cards in Modern Warfare 2 from your Profile. To access the Profile menu:

  • PlayStation - Press the Options button and then use R1 to navigate to the Profile menu, the last tab. 
  • Xbox - Press the Menu button and then use the RB button to navigate to the Profile menu. 
  • PC - Click on the Profile icon available in the top right corner of the Modern Warfare 2 lobby. 

In the Profile menu, you will find separate options to Edit Showcase Operator, Showcase Weapon, and Showcase Calling Cards. Select the one you want to change, choose the desired Operator or item and save. 

That concludes our guide on Modern Warfare 2 Showcase not working issue. 

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