How To Unlock MW2 Finishing Moves

How To Unlock MW2 Finishing Moves
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Jack Marsh


23rd Nov 2022 17:45

We all have that inner double-O seven in us, where we like things shaken, not stirred. To kill with clean and precise spy-like takedowns in Modern Warfare 2, and the means unlocking the best finishing moves. But, how do you unlock finishing moves in MW2? The cutscene melee kills have been a welcomed addition to the franchise since they were first rolled out in 2019, allowing players to brutally send their foes to the respawn menu, yet in MW2, the variations don't come as cheaply as seen before. So, here is how to unlock finishing moves in MW2.

There are three ways of unlocking Modern Warfare 2 finishing moves, some more expensive than others. 

How To Unlock MW2 Finishing Moves: Challenges

Each operator comes with a range of challenges to complete, once unlocked. With every set of operators comes a variety of rewards and each character will have at least one reward which comes in the form of a finisher move.

Completing the operator challenges will see you unlock a wealth of finishing moves, which can then also be equipped when using different characters too.

How To Unlock MW2 Finishing Moves: Battlepass

Another technique for unlocking finishing moves is the MW2 Battlepass. Purchasing the pass will automatically unlock one finisher, but there will be many more to get your hands on through unlocking higher tiers.

Free-to-play players might also be lucky to find a free tier or two that contain finishing moves too, although there is a little bit of potluck in every season to see if the freebies will be the same in future seasons.

How To Unlock MW2 Finishing Moves: Bundles

Unfortunately, some of the most flamboyant MW2 finishing moves come from the store. Vanguard players will remember being mauled, or mauling, with the Godzilla finisher, or flinging King Kong's enemies across the map, both of which came from the in-store bundles.

Many new characters that come to the store will have their own unique finishing moves that can then be unlocked if you have the spare cash. As for MW2, the first bundles in the store to arrive with finishing moves are the Warzone FC trio, with the footballers having their own unique stamps and volleys to use in-game. 

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