How to fix error code 2901 in MW2

How to fix error code 2901 in MW2
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Coleman Hamstead


20th Mar 2023 15:09

Is error code: 2901 interrupting your latest session of MW2? Modern Warfare 2 has its fair share of errors and bugs, and error code: 2901 is one of the more frustrating ones to encounter. If you're a victim of error code: 2901, use the troubleshooting tips below to fix the error code: 2901 in MW2.

MW2 error code 2901 explained

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When trying to search for a Multiplayer match in MW2, it's not unheard of for error code 2901 to rear its ugly head and interrupt the matchmaking process. If this happens, you will encounter a pop-up on your screen that reads, "Lobby Not Found – Check the code and try again. Error code: 2901”

Error cause: 10/error code: 2901 isn't restricted to MW2 Multiplayer matches either. You can run into this error in Warzone 2 and MW2 DMZ.

How to fix error code 2901 in MW2: Hard reset MW2

A common fix for issues like error code: 2901 is to hard reset Modern Warfare 2. Force quit MW2 and give it a clean reset. Sometimes, this is all it takes to get rid of annoying matchmaking errors.

How to fix error code 2901 in MW2: Check for updates

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It's believed by many that the error code: 2901 happens more frequently to users playing on an outdated version of MW2. To ensure that isn't the case for you, try to manually check MW2 for updates. Regardless of the platform you play on,, Steam, Xbox, or PlayStation, you can check for updates manually and erase the possibility that it's an outdated version of MW2 holding you back.

How to fix error code 2901 in MW2: Check for server outages and reset your internet

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If error code: 2901 is preventing you from playing MW2, check to see if there are ongoing problems with the Modern Warfare 2 servers. The webpage is dedicated to publicising the status of MW2 and Warzone 2's Online Services.

If the servers appear fine, consider investigating the connection on your end. Reset your router and/or modem and see if the error code: 2901 issue resolves itself.

How to fix error code 2901 in MW2: Submit a ticket to Activision Support

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If you aren't having any luck with any of the above fixes, it's time to submit a ticket to Activision Support. Mention error code: 2901 and everything you have already done to try and fix the error.

It might take a day or two, but someone from Activision Support should get back to you with instructions on how to proceed and fix the error code: 2901 in MW2.

How to fix error code 2901 in MW2: Uninstall and reinstall MW2

Finally, if you have some time to spare, you can uninstall and reinstall MW2 and see if that fixes the error code: 2901. Modern Warfare 2 is a massive title and takes a substantial amount of time to install, so only opt for this fix if nothing else has worked up to this point. However, it's worth a shot if you're desperate!

Error code: 2901 can certainly put a damper on a night of MW2 with the crew. Try the fixes listed above to mend the issue and get back into action.

Don't let error code: 2901 stop you from completing the MW2 Path of the Ronin Camo Challenges!

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