MultiVersus Unlockables: How To Unlock Characters, Skins, Emotes, And More

MultiVersus Unlockables: How To Unlock Characters, Skins, Emotes, And More
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Dylan Tate


20th May 2022 15:50

MultiVersus unlockables open up the latest platform fighter from Warner Bros. Games to include a truly staggering amount of content. Although fans will undoubtedly be anxious to pit their favorite superheroes against their favorite cartoon characters, not all of the content in MultiVersus is available from the start - at the time of writing we're still in the MultiVersus closed alpha. Whether you hop in during the alpha, the MultiVersus open beta, or the full game, here’s everything you currently need to know about MultiVersus unlockables.

MultiVersus Unlockables: Characters

The home screen for MultiVersus, featuring Wonder Woman.
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As of the closed alpha, there are 15 playable characters in MultiVersus, six of which are unlockables. Wonder Woman is the easiest of these to unlock, as the player simply needs to go through the game’s introductory tutorial to obtain her.

Meanwhile, the other five must be purchased with coins. Players can obtain coins by playing in online matches, and they will get more coins for matches they win. Coins are also available by completing missions, leveling up profiles, and progressing through the Battle Pass. Then, they can spend these coins by clicking on the box icon and going to the collections menu.

Steven Universe, Garnet, Arya Stark, Superman, and Batman must be purchased with coins before they become playable. All of them are available for 2000 coins each, so players can prioritize getting them in whatever order they prefer.

MultiVersus Unlockables: Variants

Four of the variants, which are MultiVersus unlockables.
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A handful of MultiVersus characters have unlockable skins, known as variants. These variants radically change the appearances of these characters, sometimes transforming them into separate characters entirely (albeit with the same movesets).

The bulk of these MultiVersus unlockables are available through the Battle Pass, which has both Free and Premium Tiers. In general, the Premium Tier has more valuable rewards than the Free Tier. Additionally, other variants can be obtained by raising a character’s Mastery Level. Players can raise a character’s Mastery Level simply by playing several matches with that character.

Here’s how to unlock the seven variant skins currently available in the game:

  • Shaggy’s Uncle Shagworthy - Battle Pass Premium Tier 1
  • Bugs Bunny’s Bougie - Battle Pass Premium Tier 20
  • Tom & Jerry’s Pirates - Battle Pass Premium Tier 35
  • Harley Quinn’s Task Force X - Battle Pass Premium Tier 44
  • Batman’s Samurai - Battle Pass Free Tier 50
  • Jake’s Cake - Battle Pass Premium Tier 50
  • Taz’s Summertime Taz - Mastery Level 13 with Taz

MultiVersus Unlockables: Taunts

Shaggy's customisation page in MultiVersus.
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It can be quite satisfying to taunt after knocking an opponent off the stage with an impressive combo. It can be even more satisfying to hit the opponent with a taunt that they know you had to work for.

Here are the unlockable taunts currently available in MultiVersus and how to unlock them:

  • Wonder Woman’s Weight Lifting - Battle Pass Premium Tier 4
  • Steven Universe’s Star Struck - Battle Pass Premium Tier 9
  • Bugs Bunny’s Dance - Battle Pass Premium Tier 13
  • Shaggy’s Kung Fu - Battle Pass Premium Tier 17
  • Garnet’s Tiny Car - Battle Pass Premium Tier 26
  • Jake’s Ballet - Battle Pass Premium Tier 30
  • Shaggy’s Nunchucks - Battle Pass Premium Tier 39
  • Velma’s Dance - Battle Pass Premium Tier 46
  • Taz’s She Devil Howl - Mastery Level 5 with Taz


MultiVersus Unlockables: Emotes

Taz's customization screen in MultiVersus.
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Another set of MultiVersus unlockables, known as emotes, can act as an alternative to taunts. Although they are used similarly to taunts, emotes are universal. Even though they are technically linked to specific characters, unlocked emotes can be used by any character in the game.

Here’s how to obtain the currently available emotes in MultiVersus:

  • Jake’s Wink - Battle Pass Premium Tier 3
  • Arya Stark’s Mad - Battle Pass Premium Tier 16
  • Shaggy’s Hungry - Battle Pass Premium Tier 24
  • Garnet’s Cool - Battle Pass Premium Tier 31
  • Harley Quinn’s Crazy - Battle Pass Premium Tier 37

MultiVersus Unlockables: Ringout VFX

The Spike's Bite ringout effect in MultiVersus.
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Players can also unlock special visual effects that play whenever an opponent is knocked off the screen and into the blast zone. These animations can certainly add insult to injury for a player who has just lost the match.

Here’s how you can get the unlockable MultiVersus ringout VFX animations:

  • That’s All Folks - Battle Pass Premium Tier 2
  • Omega Beam - Battle Pass Premium Tier 7
  • FP’s Burning Love - Battle Pass Premium Tier 25
  • Spike’s Bite - Battle Pass Premium Tier 38
  • Shazam! - Battle Pass Premium Tier 40
  • Space Kook - Battle Pass Premium Tier 43
  • Jelly Bean - Battle Pass Premium Tier 48

MultiVersus Unlockables: Profile Icons

Profile icons, which are MultiVersus unlockable.
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MultiVersus players can represent their favorite characters with pride through profile icons. These MultiVersus unlockables can generally be obtained by reaching a certain Mastery Level with various characters, although some are available in the Battle Pass.

Here’s how to unlock the MultiVersus profile icons:

  • Lady Rainicorn - Battle Pass Free Tier 1
  • Fred Style - Battle Pass Premium Tier 8
  • Bat Symbol - Battle Pass Premium Tier 15
  • Space Kook - Battle Pass Free Tier 20
  • Star - Battle Pass Premium Tier 22
  • Ghost - Battle Pass Premium Tier 27
  • Alpha Taz - Battle Pass Free Tier 29
  • Wonder Woman Symbol - Mastery Level 5 with Wonder Woman
  • Arya Stark - Mastery Level 13 with Arya Stark
  • Finn - Mastery Level 13 with Finn
  • Shaggy - Mastery Level 13 with Shaggy
  • Reindog - Mastery Level 13 with Reindog
  • Jake - Mastery Level 13 with Jake
  • Garnet - Mastery Level 13 with Garnet
  • Batman - Mastery Level 13 with Batman
  • Harley Quinn - Mastery Level 13 with Harley Quinn
  • Steven Universe - Mastery Level 13 with Steven Universe

MultiVersus Unlockables: Banners

The matchmaking screen in MultiVersus.
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The final set of MultiVersus unlockables are banners. These banners will appear behind the player’s character on the screen right before an online match begins. Without one of these banners equipped, the player will have a generic background that is available from the outset.

Here’s how to unlock the various MultiVersus banners:

  • Themyscira - Battle Pass Premium Tier 5
  • Bat Signal - Battle Pass Premium Tier 10
  • Arkham Asylum - Battle Pass Free Tier 12
  • Treefort - Battle Pass Premium Tier 14
  • Scooby Tag Pattern - Battle Pass Premium Tier 18
  • Daily Planet - Battle Pass Premium Tier 23
  • Superman Pattern - Battle Pass Free Tier 28
  • Alpha Tester - Battle Pass Free Tier 30
  • Haunted Mansion - Battle Pass Premium Tier 31
  • WW Pattern - Battle Pass Premium Tier 33
  • Scooby Groovy - Battle Pass Premium Tier 36
  • Waterfall - Battle Pass Premium Tier 41
  • Burning City - Battle Pass Premium Tier 45
  • Knight Banner - Battle Pass Premium Tier 49

Stay tuned on GGRecon for more MultiVersus guides as we get closer to launch.


Dylan Tate is an alumnus of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a gaming journalist with a love for Nintendo esports, particularly Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon.

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