Meet Your Maker DLC roadmap revealed: Release dates, environments & all we know

Meet Your Maker DLC roadmap revealed: Release dates, environments & all we know
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Tarran Stockton


30th Mar 2023 13:00

The Meet Your Maker DLC roadmap has been fully revealed, showing players what post-launch content they can expect for the first few months after launch. Meet Your Maker is a brand-new post-apocalyptic first-person building game where players design deadly mazes full of traps and guards, that are built to challenge the players exploring them. 

With such a big focus on player generated content, the post-launch DLC will need to ensure the game stays fresh, and allow players to customise levels even further. So, check out the full Meet Your Maker DLC roadmap to see what's set to come. 

Meet Your Maker DLC roadmap guide

Meet Your Maker DLC roadmap guide
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The Meet Your Maker DLC roadmap covers the three months immediately after launch, and confirms that there are three main content drops to come. 

Starting on April 18, there will be a free Hellscape deco pack, which adds a completely new aesthetic into the game for players to experiment with. It's based on the idea of combining organic matter and industrial materials together to create an eerie and horrifying living environment. 

The Hellscape deco pack will feature two blocks, two props, one animated prop, and eight decals to play with. 

Once the first pack has released, from April to the end of May, there will be four mod and augment packs that drop for free. These are designed to be added to traps or guards, altering their behaviour to surprise and challenge players. 

All four of these packs will be unlockable with in-game currency, so if you play enough of the game after launch, you can get these the second they drop. 

Meet Your Maker DLC roadmap guide dreadshore
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The third and final piece of content covered in the Meet Your Maker DLC roadmap is the major content update called Sector 1: Dreadshore. To start with, this will add a completely new environment and deco pack for free, giving players a whole new area to build different outposts. 

On top of this, there will be four gameplay elements that are added, which can be unlocked with playtime or purchased on the store. These four packs include a new custodian and perks, a new weapon and upgrades, a new trap and mods, and a new guard with augments. 

Lastly, there is the cosmetic collection which will be released with Dreadshore, which can only be purchased from the store. 

During the three months after release, along with the above content, there will be ongoing bug fixes and balances from the devs to try and improve the game as much as possible. 

That's all for our breakdown of the Meet Your Maker DLC roadmap, and now you know what the first three months after launch will look like in terms of content being released.

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