Insomniac's Wolverine: Leaks, Trailers & Everything We Know

Insomniac's Wolverine: Leaks, Trailers & Everything We Know
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Tarran Stockton


31st Jan 2023 11:00

It's fair to say that Sony is killing it with first-party exclusive titles, and an upcoming one we're excited for is the Wolverine game from Insomniac. The Wolverine release date is a bit of mystery, amongst other details for the game, and with only one CGI trailer, there isn't much information to glean yet. Regardless, we're here to break down everything we know about Wolverine, so read on. 

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Is There A Wolverine Release Date?

Wolverine doesn’t yet have a release date, but Insomniac Games have given the title a release window, placing the launch sometime after 2023. Obviously, this means no specific month, so it could be anywhere from two to three years from release. Once we do get a concrete date to play as Logan, we'll update this guide, so don't forget to check back. 

Wolverine: Trailers 

The only trailer we have so far was the same one used to announce the game at the PlayStation showcase in September 2021. Having it seen it multiple times now, it's fair to say even with its short run time, that it feels very Logan. 

The trailer begins with some soft music, as we see a scene of a bar that's been destroyed in a bar fight, along with multiple people across the floor, leaning on walls, and even the pool table. It seems like Logan got into a confrontation, and the next shot is placed behind him as he drinks at the bar alone. 

After this, one of the bar's denizens, who was presumably knocked out by Logan earlier, gets up and starts to sneak toward him with a knife. As he gets closer, the shot holds on Wolverine's hand, as the adamantine claws emerge, and it fades to black. The whole trailer gives quite a gritty vibe, and is reminiscent of the Logan film. Some other clues in the trailer point toward the game being located in Madripoor, which is a fictional Southeast Asian island in the Marvel universe. 

Wolverine: Gameplay And Story 

Based on the trailer and the few developer comments we've had since the game's reveal, there are some gameplay and story elements we can share about Wolverine. Firstly, the game director, Brian Horton, confirmed via Twitter that it will be a fully AAA title, and contain a mature tone and themes. This is likely going to be important for both the story and combat, and recent Logan outings in both movies and games have also had stricter parental ratings. 

It's hard to speculate how the mature tone will affect the story, but it will certainly make a big impression on the combat, which is likely to be bloody, gory, and visceral. Considering the developer is Insomniac Games, who made the Spider-Man game for PS4, we'd also expect them to take some reference from that game's combat system. It likely won't be as fluid or expressive in the same way, but Logan can still move around quickly. 

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Insomniac did release some comments about the experience after the reveal, stating, "In the vein of our Spider-Man games, our goal here is to not only respect the DNA of what makes the character so popular, but also look for opportunities to make it feel fresh and truly reflect the Insomniac spirit." The release of Wolverine could also point to a wider Marvel universe in video games, which could lead to all sorts of crossovers and collaborations, with maybe more hints coming in Spider-Man 2 once that releases in 2023. 

Wolverine: Platforms

The Wolverine game is set to be an exclusive for the PlayStation 5, whenever it comes out. Considering that Sony has begun to make moves into the PC space by porting some of their first-party titles such as God of War, it is possible that we could also see Wolverine on PC at some point.

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