Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island: How To Earn The Island Token

Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island: How To Earn The Island Token
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21st Apr 2022 10:48

Many players will be wanting to track down the Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island for its token, but it can hard to track as an adventure island. Many of the Lost Ark islands are on timers, meaning players cannot always access them and will need to lookout for when they are available. So, here is a rundown of where to find the Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island and its Island Token.

Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island Location: How To Find Phantom Wing Island

Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island location
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Firstly, you will need access to Lost Ark ships to find this place. You also need to have reached combat level 50, and equipped item level 250, meaning you should be into the end-game before attempting the challenges of this adventure island. 

Phantom Wing Island can be found just north of the small continent of Papunika, and south-east of Rohendel. If you set off from Papunika to reach it, once you hit the Eye of Hypnos, then go a little further and the island will be there. It's also directly east of the Lost Ark Azure Wind Island

It's worth noting as an adventure island, you won't be able to access this place all the time, and it will only spawn for set periods during the week, meaning you can't attempt to get the Island Token every day. Check your Procyon's Compass, located just under the minimap in the top right, to see when the island will spawn up. You can also check area chat, as other players are likely to report when it shows up.

Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island: How To Get The Island Token

Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island token
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Once you have arrived at the Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island, you will need to complete some quests around the place to begin the process of collecting the Island Token. Firstly, speak to Melissa, who will task you with finding traces of butterflies around the island. You can follow the map and find all three spots easily, and then it will trigger a cutscene.


After this scene, speak to Adrinne who needs you to collect phantom plants from a nearby cave. Return to her, to finish the quest and begin a new one, where she asks you to find her sword. It's located near one of the cave entrances, and you will have to speak to a man named Creon when trying to pick it up. He will direct you toward the Guard Captain of the island, who questions you about spotting Adrinne on the island. Go back and draw the sword, and once again return to Adrinne.

Return to the Guard Captain after and then collect twenty Phantomwings in the marked area of the island. This will trigger a boss fight Adrinne, that can be undertaken with a group. She has three phases where you need to damage her until she summons a tornado. Entering this tornado will teleport you to her new location to continue the fight. Repeat this process three times until you down her and complete the A Thousand Fluttering Nights and Days quest. 

Adrinne can drop the Island Token once defeated, but it's based on RNG, meaning you may have to undertake this quest a few times before earning the token. Aside from this, you can also gain a secret map, a rune of protection, and a card of Adrinne, so it's worth doing the fight a few times anyway. 

That's our walkthrough for Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island, and now you know where to find it, and how to earn the Island Token. 

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