Lost Ark Opportunity Isle: How To Earn The Island Token

Lost Ark Opportunity Isle: How To Earn The Island Token
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20th Jun 2022 11:46

Lost Ark Opportunity Isle is the perfect island for fish lovers due to its cooperative quest that tasks all the players on the island with catching Golden Crucian Carp. The quests and objectives you need to complete for the Lost Ark Island Tokens varies massively, with some involving competitive outings, boss fights, or simple collection quests. So if you want to enjoy an afternoon of fishing for the Lost Ark Opportunity Isle Token, we've got you covered. 

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Lost Ark Opportunity Isle: How To Find Opportunity Isle

Lost Ark Opportunity Isle location
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Lost Ark Opportunity Isle is an adventure island, which means it's not always available to complete. Adventure islands are limited-time, and they don't spawn every single day as they run on somewhat randomised schedules. You can check when these are set to appear by accessing the Procyon's Compass underneath the minimap, or by clicking the alarm clock icon in the top right corner. Just make sure to check every day for an idea of when you can attempt it.

When the island is available to access, it spawns just to the north-west of the Arthetine continent. It's also directly north of one of the Lost Ark Tooki Island locations, and directly west of Runaways Island where the Lost Ark Crook Catcher quest takes place. You can see it's located above, though on Papunika, it's called Island of Chance. As end-game content, it's recommended that players reach combat level 50 and equipped item level 250 before venturing here. 


Lost Ark Opportunity Isle: How To Get The Island Token

Lost Ark Opportunity Isle island token
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The Opportunity Isle Island Token can be earned as an RNG reward for finishing the quest for this island. Once you arrive, talk to the first NPC you see to get the To The World of Fishing quest. You will have to grab a membership card for fishing, and then go to a boat nearby to go to the actual island itself.

Once you arrive at the pier, you can talk to another NPC, and it will begin the cooperative quest where players are tasked with collecting Golden Crucian Carp at various points around the island. After a total of 250 fish has been caught from all players the competition will end, and the results will be tallied up, with players ranked on the amount of fish caught. 

All players will gain some silver and an Angler's Pouch for taking part, while first will gain three, and second, third, and fourth, will earn two of them. These pouches have a chance of dropping the Opportunity Isle Island Token, so earning more of them will give you a better chance. The RNG of the drop means that you'll likely have to do the island a few times, but it will eventually drop. Other rewards from the pouches include Lost Ark Pirate Coins, silver, a sailor, a card, and more. 

That's our walkthrough of the Lost Ark Opportunity Isle, and now players should be able to find it and collect the Island Token.

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