How To Get Lost Ark Harmony Shards And Level Up Your Gear

How To Get Lost Ark Harmony Shards And Level Up Your Gear
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16th Mar 2022 13:24

The Lost Ark Harmony Shards will be your most valuable end-game resource due to the fact they increase the equipped item level you have overall. Once you reach the max combat level of Lost Ark, you'll continue to improve your item levels to access new content and become more powerful. For a full breakdown of how Lost Ark Harmony Shards work, along with where to find them, read on. 

Lost Ark Harmony Shards: What Are They?

Lost Ark Harmony Shards pouch
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Lost Ark Harmony Shards are a resource that players can use once they've reached the end-game. These shards let you improve your equipped item level, which is an average of the level of each item you currently have equipped. Obviously, the higher this number is, the more powerful you become, and as you stop earning more powerful weapons and armour in the end-game, Harmony Shards are imperative to making you stronger by increasing the XP of items. You also need a specific equipped item level to compete in some dungeons, with the harder ones requiring above 1000.

Harmony Shards always drop in pouches, with the smallest being a few hundred, all the way up to a few thousand. This means you need to open the pouches from the inventory screen to collect the shards. Once you've done this, you can find a vendor in every major city for increasing your equipped item level.


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Lost Ark Harmony Shards: How To Earn Them

Lost Ark Harmony Shards the tower
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As a rare resource, earning Harmony Shards can be difficult, and you will have to partake in frequent grinding if you want to push your equipped item level to the current maximum. One of the best ways to earn these shards is by running Lost Ark dungeons. Chaos dungeons specifically will reward you with bags of Harmony Shards for completing them, but you need to reach combat level 50, and equipped item level 250. There is also a daily limit of two Chaos dungeons, as afterwards, you will only gain diminishing returns which will likely result in zero shards.

Another great way to farm Harmony Shards is an end-game activity called The Tower. This is a gauntlet that sees you rise through 50 levels of a tower, fighting progressively harder monsters to earn better loot. You can earn Harmony Shard pouches of varying sizes here, and although there is an element of randomness, you are likely to come out of it with at least enough to increase your item level.

There are two versions of The Tower, the first of which can be run at equipped item level 302. The second can be run at equipped item level 802, and these can be found in every major city across the game.

That's our rundown of Lost Ark Harmony Shards, and now you know what they do and along with the best methods to farm them in the end-game. 

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