Lost Ark Gunlancer Builds: Best Skills And Engravings For PvP/PvE

Lost Ark Gunlancer Builds: Best Skills And Engravings For PvP/PvE
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20th Jun 2022 11:48

The Lost Ark Gunlancer is a one of a kind class due to its role as a tank and ability to support other players by drawing the ire of enemies in both PvE and PvP scenarios. It's a highly sought-out class for dungeons, raids, and world bosses because of its skills, so if you enjoy the tank role in other games, why not try it in Lost Ark? Here's a rundown of the best skills and engravings for the Lost Ark Gunlancer to help you rise to the top. 

Lost Ark Gunlancer Builds: What Is A Gunlancer?

Lost Ark Gunlancer Builds pve
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The Gunlancer is a primarily damage-based class that makes use of three core weapons in their kit. These are set up on their passive, called the identity gauge, which allows you to rotate between each weapon. 

The first of these weapons is the dual pistols, which is used for utility purposes in combat, allowing you to cast buffs and debuffs, along with high mobility moves for dodging enemies. The shotgun is the second weapon, and is used for close-range burst damage that can tear through groups of mobs. Lastly, there is the rifle, which is the classes ranged weapon. 

Taken together, the Gunlancer has a range of distances it can cause damage from, due to the different weapons it can switch between. Overall, they excel in mobility and high-damage dealing, but suffer a little when it comes to their resistances and health. Juggling the different weapons in the correct situations can also take some getting used to, but once you have mastered the kit, the Gunlancer makes for a quality class. 

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Lost Ark Gunlancer Builds: Best PvE Skills

Lost Ark Gunlancer Builds pvp
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In PvE you'll want to make use of your entire kit, with a common strategy including use if your high mobility to gather a train of enemies that can be wiped out with your shotguns burst damage abilties. You can utilise the rifle to pop enemies from long-range and kill or weaken them before they reach you. The abilities for the Gunlancer are also handily colour coded, with orange, blue, and purple skills relating to the dual pistols, shotgun, and rifle respectively. 


Below we've listed the skills we primarily use for the Gunlancer in PvE, along with the Tripods we picked up after levelling a skill to four, seven, and ten. Our PvE build is geared more toward damage, mobility, and debuffing enemies so others can also deal increased damage. 

  • Bullet Rain - Vital Point Shot - Rapid Fire - Quick Prep
  • Equilibrium - Weakness Exposure - Enemy Raid - Vital Point Shot
  • Focused Shot - Quick Aim - Flash - Quick Finish
  • AT02 Grenade - Wide Explosion - Freeze Grenade - Internal Ignition
  • Death Fire - Keen Strike - Chain Throw 
  • Dextrous Shot - Agile Movement
  • Spiral Tracker - Weakness Exposure 
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Lost Ark Gunlancer Builds: Best PvP Skills

Lost Ark Gunlancer Builds pvp
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For PvP, players get a wider selection of points to put into their abilities, letting them utilise more of their kit with more interesting builds. Our PvP build also makes use of lots of agility moves to better dodge enemies attacks and survive longer in the fight. 

  • Somersault Shot - Agile Movement - Master of Evasion - Double Jump
  • Death Fire - Keen Strike - Chain Throw - Infiltrate Decimation
  • Perfect Shot - Stable Stance - Precision Shot - Enhanced Shot 
  • Dextrous Shot - Agile Movement - Master of Evasion - Agile Shot
  • Focused Shot - Quick Aim - Enchanced Bullet
  • Leap Attack - Quick Prep
  • Quick Step - Excellent Mobility

Lost Ark Gunlancer Builds: Awakening Skills

Lost Ark Gunlancer Builds awakening
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In Lost Ark, the Awakening skills are end-game abilities that players can earn after finishing the main story in Trixion. These skills are very similar to the ultimate abilities that you will find in MOBAs and hero shooters, due to their powerful effects and much longer cooldowns. Every class can access two Awakening skills, but only one may be equipped at once. For the Gunlancer, these skills are:

  • Eye of Twilight - Is an AoE ability centred from your character, that debuffs your move and attack speed, while dealing damage to enemies in the radius. Also applies stagger and weak effects to them, but they disappear once the skill ends. 
  • High-Calibre HE Bullet - You'll leap backwards and deal an AoE attack, dealing high damage and a stagger effect to the nearby enemies.

The High-Calibre HE Bullet is likely the better option in most scenarios, and it's extremely useful as a PvP skill due to the need for high mobility. Eye of Twilight can still be a good skill, but it's more situational and only better in very specific builds.  

Lost Ark Gunlancer Builds: Engravings 

Lost Ark Gunalcner Builds engravings
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The Engravings are another way that you can specialise your character even further, and some can even change the very function of classes, acting more like a subclass option for players. You'll mostly gain access to these once you reach the end-game, but you can find a few during the story as well. There are lesser Engravings which can be used for every class, along with specific Engravings for just the Gunlancer. 

Some of the lesser Engravings that can be useful for this class are as follows:

  • Spirit Absorption - Provides a speed boost to your attacks and movement. No downsides so always equip this if you find it.
  • Grudge - Increase your max damage output but increase the damage you receive back. Only useful after it's maxed out as the tradeoff can be harsh, especially for low HP Gunlancers. 
  • Keep Weapon Blunt - Provides a 50% increase to critical chance, while reducing your regular attacks' damage by 20%. 

The more powerful end-game Engravings that can drastically change how the Gunlancer works are:

  • Peacemaker - Adds bonuses to your different weapon stances, increasing attack speed with dual pistols by 16%, boosting your critical hit rate with the shotgun by  25%, and lastly giving the rifle a 10% damage boost. Additionally, when attacking enemies below 50% HP with the rifle, you will deal an extra 30% damage. 
  • Time to Hunt - Increases your critical hit chance for the dual pistols and rifle by 30%, but no longer allows you to use the shotgun, greatly reducing your burst damage chance. 

Due to the effectiveness of the dual pistols and rifle abilities, the Time to Hunt Engraving can be very useful if you have the right skills, and you won't notice the loss of the shotgun too much. This means it can be quite effective when you play more of a support role in PvP and don't go too hands on with fighting. Peacemaker is a solid all-rounder choice, and all of its benefits are useful, especially as it gels well with all the skills you have at your disposal. 

That's our breakdown of the best Lost Ark Gunlancer builds, and now you know which of the classes skills are more useful in both the PvE and PvP modes, along with the best Awakening skills and Engravings. 

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