Where To Find Lost Ark Dalian Orchard Secret Area

Where To Find Lost Ark Dalian Orchard Secret Area
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18th Feb 2022 16:06

There are many secret areas and quests to find throughout Lost Ark, with the Lost Ark Delian Orchard secret area being one of many. Finding these can be difficult though, but fear not, as this guide will show you how you can find the Delian Orchard secret area.

Where To Find Lost Ark Dalian Orchard Secret Area

The quest can be started upon finding the map for it. To find the secret area in Delian Orchard, first, you need to head to the Sien Inn which is in the Flowering Orchard region, an area that you can't access until later in the game, however, once at the Sien Inn talk to the NPC called Coney.

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Coney will then give you the Coney's Orchard Warehouse Key and ask you to find an item inside the warehouse, with the key's description reading: "If you find the right cellar, the key will help you get inside."

From Sien Inn, head north-west and keep going in as straight a line as you can. If you've walked in a straight line you will come to an indent on the map which will have a secret door. Go through the door and enter the secret area. Once inside, interact with the workbench and you will complete the secret quest for the Dalian Orchard area. 

Rambutan Orchard Secret Area

If you’ve got the map for it, there is another secret area quest that can be completed near the Sien Inn, with the second one being the Lost Ark Rambutan Orchard secret area, which players can complete by heading south-east from Sien Inn rather than north-west. From there, the quest is completed in a very similar manner to the Dalian Orchard Secret Area quest.


These are the only two secret areas in this region of the game, but there are plenty of others and many World Bosses scattered across all of the regions and continents in Lost Ark that will be sure to keep players busy for many hours.

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