Lost Ark Chuo: Where To Find The World Boss Chuo

Lost Ark Chuo: Where To Find The World Boss Chuo
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6th Jun 2022 09:33

The Lost Ark Chuo world boss is one of the later world bosses you will likely fight due to the need to have reached level 50, and be in the end-game. With so many bosses across Lost Ark, it's an undertaking to defeat them all for their rewards, but if you intend to gain the most power possible, then you will need too. So for a walkthrough of how to find and defeat Lost Ark Chuo, we've got you covered. 

Lost Ark Chuo: Where To Find Them?

Lost Ark Chuo location
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Chuo can be found on the continent of Anikka, meaning you will need to have access to Lost Ark ships or an Ocean Liner to initially get there. Once you have access to the Twilight Mists, you can search for Chuo in Cloud Valley. We've highlighted the position that Chuo will spawn at in the map above.

It's worth noting that the Lost Ark world bosses all have set respawn times, so once Chuo has been slain, they won't spawn for another 30 minutes. You can get around this by checking the area chat, as players will often make calls about boss spawns, along with the channel they can be found in. It's also worth doing this if you have no one to fight Chuo with, as players will quickly begin phasing in like a scene from Endgame. Changing channels can be done by selecting the drop-down in the top right corner of the screen.


Defeating Chuo will award you with a tonne of experience, money, and some handy loot, which are typically resources and items. Once you slay them for the first time, you will also accomplish the objective in your Adventurer's Tome, and earn a first kill reward, which consists of a chest that drops three pieces of epic gear. 

Now you should be able to find and defeat the Lost Ark Chuo world boss, earning yourself a tidy set of rewards in the process. 

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