What Is The Lost Ark Chaos Line Event?

What Is The Lost Ark Chaos Line Event?
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21st Apr 2022 19:17

The Lost Ark Chaos Line is a brand-new event that has come as part of the latest update that's just launched on April 21. Lost Ark has many quests, activities, and events that players can take part in throughout the game, whether you're questing and levelling, or taking part in end-game content. Chaos Dungeons are a huge part of this that allows you to gain high-quality gear and resources that are key to gaining more power, so for a brief rundown of the new Lost Ark Chaos Line event, read on. 

  • If you need a breakdown of the Lost Ark dungeons before taking on the Chaos Line, we've got you covered.

Lost Ark Chaos Line Event Explained

Lost Ark Chaos Line
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The Chaos Line event is a new addition from the game's latest update which hit on April 21. As part of the litany of new content such as the Lost Ark Graceful Monkey skin set, there is the introduction of an additional continent - South Vern. This continent comes with the Chaos Line event, which consists of a quest and a weekly Chaos Dungeon that players can run through. 

To gain access, firstly you will need to speak to the dungeon NPC at the exchange in any city. Talking to them will allow you to take part in a short quest which will then allow you to do the dungeon. It's only available once a week for completion, and players will need to be tier three of the end-game with an equipped item level of at least 1370. This lets you complete the normal version, while the hard one requires an equipped item level of 1415. It provides a fantastic way for players to gather resources for levelling up their lower level characters, due to the abundance of Harmony Leapstones, Lost Ark Harmony Shards, and other rewards you can gain. 


That's all for our breakdown of what the Lost Ark Chaos Line is, and now you know how to take part in it and what rewards you can gain. 

We also have a primer on the Lost Ark character slots, so you can see what the max is and how to get new ones.


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