Lost Ark Arcanist: What Is The Arcanist Class?

Lost Ark Arcanist: What Is The Arcanist Class?
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2nd Jun 2022 12:16

The Lost Ark Arcanist class has been in the Korean version for some time now, making for one of the most popular mage subclasses, but it's finally set to release soon for players in the west. There are already many Lost Ark classes, but several of them still are yet to come to the western version. Fans are clamouring for any class release, so it's likely the Arcanist will be very popular when it launched soon. So here's our breakdown on everything we know about the Lost Ark Arcanist. 

Lost Ark Arcanist: What Does The Arcanist Do?

Lost Ark Arcana abilities
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The Lost Ark Arcanist class comes underneath the magician archetype, making use of a variety of casting spells from long to short range. They are themed around the use of cards which activate the spells that they utilise, along with a combo point system. There are two primary types of abilities for the Arcana; these are stack and ruin spells. 

Stack spells have blue icons, and when used on enemies they build up to four stacks, which can be seen above the enemy. Ruin spells are indicated by their red icons, and are used to detonate the stacks formed on enemies, inflicting higher damage and additional effects depending on how many stacks you detonate. 


The Arcanist class also has a passive ability. As you attack enemies, your deck gauge - which is indicated by a purple bar - will fill up and grant you cards which can be drawn. By default, you can only store two cards at once, and they can be drawn with Z or X to gain additional effects in combat. There are 12 total cards, which include increased attack speed, critical chance, skill damage, and much more. 

Due to the random factors of the class, stemming from the card system and varied effects you'll receive, the Arcanist can be quite difficult to master - especially in PvP. Their damage output can range based on which cards are activated, but they also have the chance to avoid lots of damage with their agility moves. 

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Lost Ark Arcanist: Is The Arcanist Coming Soon?

Lost Ark Arcana passive
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The Arcanist class was recently revealed as the next class to come to the game during the announcement of the June and July roadmap. We don't have an exact release date yet, but it's been confirmed that it will launch sometime in July. 

Once the new class has been released onto the game, we'll cover it in more depth, and run down the best builds and engravings, so make sure to check back. 

That's all for our primer on the Lost Ark Arcanist class, and now you should have a reasonable understanding of what role they serve in game. 

While you wander the game's high seas, be on the lookout for the Lost Ark Ghost Ships for big rewards. 


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