All LootQuest codes & how to redeem Diamonds

All LootQuest codes & how to redeem Diamonds
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28th Feb 2024 10:51

In LootQuest, you’ll set off on a Roblox-based adventure as you face powerful foes and dangerous terrains to secure yourself an enviable amount of loot - and codes can help you on your path to doing that.

Typically providing you with a varying amount of Diamonds - one of the game's three main currencies - you won't want to miss out on everything that's currently available, so here's a breakdown of how you can redeem them all.

Active codes for LootQuest 

There are currently only two codes available for LootQuest at the moment:

Code Reward
SLEEPY Free rewards (only works for whitelisted accounts)
WELCOME 200 Diamonds

However, one of the codes will require you to first be whitelisted in-game. I haven't been able to find out just what the requirements are for this as of yet, but what I really love is that you can also get free Diamonds each day simply by logging in, as LootQuest provides a varying amount of them and some other goodies on the daily - so make sure to pop in each day, even for a couple of seconds!

There could be more codes available in the future that don't require you to be whitelisted, though, as there was previously a 'BREAD' code that provided an additional 100 Diamonds. Check back in the future, and I'll update you accordingly if more are released.

How to redeem codes


Image of the settings menu where you redeem codes in LootQuest
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To kickstart your adventure with these Diamonds, you'll need to know how to get them! Once you've loaded into the game, follow this quick list of steps:

  • At the bottom left of the screen, you'll see a silvery cog icon - click that (shown in the above image)
  • The Settings menu will pop up where you can adjust the volume of certain audio, but what we're looking for is to press the blue 'Codes' button
  • Now it's just a case of popping a code into the 'Enter Code' box that appears and pressing 'Redeem'

You'll know if the code has been successful because a purple bit of text will show up above the settings menu to confirm it's been claimed. If it's red, it likely means you've made a typo, the code is expired, or in the case of the 'SLEEPY' code, you're not whitelisted. 

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