League Of Legends Patch 12.8: All Update And Patch Notes

League Of Legends Patch 12.8: All Update And Patch Notes
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Tarran Stockton


26th Apr 2022 19:00

League of Legends Patch 12.8 is set to make some big changes to many of the game's champions, with a range of buffs, nerfs, and kit adjustments that may see some characters play very differently. LOL patch notes can often alter the game drastically, as Riot endlessly attempt to balance the different champions and items. So, if you need the full list of changes for League of Legends Patch 12.8, read on.

League Of Legends Patch 12.8: Release Date

The LOL Patch 12.8 release date is set for sometime on either Tuesday, April 26 or Wednesday, April 27. There is no concrete time for the release, but if you keep your client open then the update should begin once it does release. 

League Of Legends Patch 12.8: Patch Notes

Most of the major changes in this patch are coming to the game's champions, many of whom have seen buffs, with a few nerfs as well. A further two champions have seen kit changes which aren't explicitly nerfs or buffs, as Riot will need to monitor how they are affected in the short term. 



  • Jinx - Her base health has been decreased.
  • Soraka - Her Astral Infusion heal has had its AP ratio decreased.
  • Xayah - The base damage of her Double Daggers has been lowered, while the cooldown has been increased in the higher levels. 


  • Bard - Passive damage scaling has been buffed, and the base maximum heal of Caretaker's Shrine has been increased. 
  • Exreal - The Trueshot Barrage ability now has a lower cooldown when it's levelled. 
  • Fiddlesticks - Bountiful Harbest skill has had the healing against champions increased. 
  • Kassadin - AP ratio of both Null Sphere and Force Pulse has been increased.
  • Jhin - Root duration of Deadly Flourish increased and damage reduction against monsters removed. The Captive Audience recharges faster and damage reduction is removed against monsters. 
  • Mordekaiser - Passive move speed has been increased at all levels.
  • Poppy - Steadfast Presence cooldown has been reduced. Keeper's Verdict knock up duration increased; charged missile speed and knock back distance increased; cooldown refund on cancel decreased. 
  • Sejuani - Frost Armour timer from the passive now decreases. 
  • Sylas - Cooldown of Hijack decreased.
  • Tristana - AD growth increased.
  • Vel'Koz - Plasma Fission and Void Rift AP ratios increased.
  • Vladimir - Base armour increased.
  • Xerath - Shocking Orb stun duration increased.
  • Zoe - Mana cost of Paddle Star and Portal Jump has been decreased. 


  • Kai'Sa - Passive proc AP ratio increased. Void Seeker AP ratio decreased. Killer Instinct shield AP ratio increased.
  • Swain - Healing passive increased. Death's Hand ability damage increased overall. Visions of Empire mana cost decreased. Nevermore ability reworked completely. Demonic Ascension cooldown decreased, along with damage drain. Demonflare damage increased. 


  • Stopwatch - Can no longer use Stopwatch if you have its terminal items. Cannot purchase Stopwatch if you own Guardian Angel or Zhonya's Hourglass. 


  • Gangplank the Betrayer
  • Sea Dog Yasuo
  • Lunar Eclipse Aatrox
  • Solar Eclipse Sejuani
  • Lunar Eclipse Senna
  • Solar Eclipse Sivir
  • Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna
  • Sun-Eater Kayle

The rest of the LOL patch notes refer to various quality of life changes and bug fixes. There are also adjustments to the Mythic Content, letting you purchase event capsules to earn bonus rewards. For a full breakdown of the changes, check out the full patch notes on the League of Legends website. 

That's all for our walkthrough of League of Legends Patch 12.8 and its changes.


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