League of Legends New Champion Nilah: Abilities And Release Date

League of Legends New Champion Nilah: Abilities And Release Date
Riot Games

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Jack Marsh


22nd Jun 2022 16:00

Following the bumpy release of Bel'Veth, Riot Games have spent no time waiting around to get their next champion out of the gates. Nilah, a whip-wielding warrioress is the next bad-ass heroine to be coming to League of Legends, leaving the Bot lane quaking in their boots. As a melee skirmisher, Nilah's abilities are going to be key to her success as she operates on the rift. Sent from a legendary order to slay great evils, here's everything you need to know about the new League of Legends champion, Nilah.

League of Legends Nilah Abilities

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Nilah's abilities appear to be heavily movement-related, coming in with a range of flashes that can have her dealing high damage with her stunning whip before disappearing from sight. 

Passive - Joy Unending

Quite a nice ability for scaling and gaining higher levels in the early stages of games, Nilah's passive allows herself and the nearest allied champion to gain 50% of the XP that would normally be shared out across all champions when she deals the killing blow to minions. Great for combining with Support champions.

Nilah also has a health and shield buff as her passive, allowing herself and the ally who cast the protection to gain additional health.

Q - Formless Blade

Nilah's best ability for clearing waves comes in the way of the Formless Blade; the line ability damages all enemies in the proximity before buffing her attack range and speed. Additionally, the Formless Blade will steal the health of her foes by ignoring armour and replenishing her health bar with a percentage of damage dealt.

W - Jubilant Veil

Mainly a last-ditch get-out-of-jail-free card, the Jubilant Veil covers Nilah in a cloud of smoke that increases movement speed, reduces incoming magic damage, and dodges all basic attacks. The ability will also help allies in the area, who will get the same buffs but only for half of the duration. Great for escaping failed 1v1s or team fights. 


E - Slipstream

Nilah's ability to dash comes from her Slipstream. With two charges being able to be held at once, this dash works in a straight line and can be combined with the Formless Blade to pull waves in her direction and continue chaining with the buffs of her whip.

R - Apotheosis

Finally, the big showstopper of Nilah's abilities comes with her Apothesis. Taking the whip in hand to perform a whirlwind effect, Nilah deals damage in a circular motion, also dragging anybody hit towards the centre of her tornado. 

The damage being dealt also helps rejuvenate her health bar and activating shields, and also increases her chances, and those of her nearby allies, of dealing critical attacks. 

League of Legends Nilah Release Date

Nilah is confirmed to be coming to the rift in the League of Legends patch 12.13, which is to be rolled out on July 13. 

Patch 12.12 will come first, as of June 23, so don't get your hopes up that she'll be here as soon as then. Instead, you'll be treated to some Bel'Veth nerfs, among other adaptations to the likes of Viego.

Unlike Bel'Veth, Nilah also looks a treat in-game, and will likely be a popular Bot lane choice for players who partner with high-damage supports.

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