King of Fighters XV Benimaru Guide: How To Play Benimaru

King of Fighters XV Benimaru Guide: How To Play Benimaru
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15th Feb 2022 18:08

Want to learn a few moves for King of Fighters XV Benimaru? King of Fighters XV brings the classic franchise up to date on modern consoles. It also brings back the always popular Benimaru, tall hair and all. To learn more about playing as this character, here's our King of Fighters XV Benimaru guide.

King of Fighters XV Benimaru: Who Is He?

King of Fighters XV Benimaru Guide: Who He Is
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Benimaru is an important character in the story of King of Fighters XV. He is classically a friend and rival of series protagonist Kyo, who he strives to be better than. Unlike with Iori, this is a friendlier rivalry, as although Benimaru is very prideful he is not too proud to be kind. By day, Benimaru is a model but his ultimate goal is to be the strongest fighter in the world.

In King of Fighters XV, Benimaru is working with Tung Fu Rue to help his young students Shun'ei and Meitenkun. Together, they are a team as they strive to win the tournament, and ultimately save the world from the danger of Reverse. He also acts as the two young fighters' chaperone throughout the tournament and helps them defeat the demonic entity.


King of Fighters XV Benimaru: Playstyle

King of Fighters XV Benimaru Guide: His Playstyle
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Benimaru can do a lot in King of Fighters XV. His lack of range is offset by the other tools at his disposal.

His normal attacks are powerful, and he has a lot of good ranged kicks and can follow be linked for deadly combos. His jumping heavy kick is a particularly potent attack and his forward light kick command move is is great for catching people off guard, or for linking combos.

Benimaru has a couple of really useful special attacks. He has a fireball-style move that isn't a projectile but, instead, does damage at close range. This Raijin Ken is a ball of electricity that can hit multiple times and is a move Benimaru can do very quickly and very safely - it's great for forcing opponents to back off. Benimaru also has a dive kick special move, which sends him spiralling towards the enemy; great to pair with his already solid air moves.

Returning in King of Fighters XV is Benimaru's Iaido Kick. This Flash Kick style move is a super useful weapon in his arsenal. It works much like an uppercut and has little wind-up time. Much like how Raijin Ken can be used to push back advancing opponents, the Iaido Kick is amazing for dealing with airborne attacks. Benimaru is completely invincible while using it, so make judicious use of it.

Benimaru is a great character to have up your sleeve. Fitting into almost any team, he is both an easy pick and a great counter to many other fighters. Learn how to use him and prosper.

That is everything you need to know to start playing King of Fighters XV Benimaru. For more on the game, why not check out our guide on his greatest rival, in our King of Fighters XV Kyo guide.


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