Is Shredders On Game Pass?

Is Shredders On Game Pass?
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Aaron Bayne


17th Mar 2022 11:00

Is Shredders on Game Pass? Xbox Game Pass has steadily become the go-to for players keen to try out new releases, and Shredders is the latest to come under the Game Pass spotlight. But is Shredders on Game Pass, and what even is this new title? Here's everything you need to know about whether Shredders is on Game Pass. 

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Is Shredders On Game Pass?: Shredders Explainer

Shredders on Game Pass
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Shredders is an open world online snowboarding experience, much like the Ubisoft title Steep. You will explore different regions, in a variety of courses, as you try to master various trick combos to become the ultimate shred-master. While there is a single-player campaign, you can meet up with other players and explore the open world together. 

As you work your way through the campaign and courses of Shredders you will unlock more cosmetic items, which can add another layer of panache to your boarding style. 

Is Shredders On Game Pass?

Is Shredders on Game Pass?
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So, is Shredders on Game Pass? Yes! Shredders is currently an Xbox exclusive, developed by the indie studio FoamPunch, meaning it will join the likes of Halo Infinite in the ever-growing catalogue of Game Pass titles. PC players will be able to pick up this title through PC Game Pass, as will Xbox players right away, as Shredders has already hit the slopes after its March 16 launch.

With the title being on Game Pass, it will be far easier for Xbox players to squad up with their buddies and take to the slopes. And with plenty of locations to take to within the game, there is a tonne of the game to sift through as you all try to outperform each other, alongside real snowboarding pros. 

That answers whether Shredders is on Game Pass, so there is no harm in picking up this title and trying it out. 


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