Is Hunt Showdown On Game Pass?

Is Hunt Showdown On Game Pass?
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18th Feb 2022 16:42

If you got the Xbox/PC Game Pass subscription and you want to make use of it with a unique FPS experience you just might ask yourself, “is Hunt Showdown on Game Pass?”

The atmospheric Wild West shooter mixes steampunk gadgetry with zombie horror opposition while also leaving room for genetic enhancement of your characters.

Pitting 12 players again each other at a time from team sizes between one to three players, you’ll have to level up your account to gain access to higher-level weapons. Alternatively, you can also just take them from other players and make it out alive.

Is Hunt Showdown on game pass
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While the main objective is to kill NPC bosses whose location you have to determine from clues dotted around the map, the real enemy is the other players trying to get to your spoils and your gear. Hooked yet? If so, is Hunt Showdown on Game Pass?

Is Hunt: Showdown On Game Pass?

Unfortunately Hunt: Showdown currently isn’t on the Xbox Game Pass. Don’t fret just yet though because currently doesn’t mean it’s never going to come or that it hasn’t been before. Indeed, Hunt: Showdown has been free on the Game Pass on several occasions usually for the length of an extended weekend.

Hunt: Showdown first showed up on Game Pass in 2020, when just fresh out its extended beta period, and was accessible for an extended period of time. Over the years, we’ve had several weekends in which players were able to get a sniff of this unique battle royale experience via Microsoft's subscription service.

The most recent one happened in September 2021, with those that fell in love during the free weekend able to purchase the game for £13 ($18), a significant discount.

Extrapolating from this information, it stands to reason that Hunt: Showdown will at least receive another Game Pass weekend during 2022 in order to inject new players into the game. 

Fingers crossed for those not yet in possession of this masterpiece but, free weekend or not, this game is worth your money. Once hooked, it can provide incredible entertainment for hundreds of hours and is an excellent game to play with a group of friends.

Interested to get in on the action but you’re unsure if Hunt: Showdown has crossplay? Check out our guide on that.