How To Use The Bocek Bow In Apex Legends

How To Use The Bocek Bow In Apex Legends

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Katie Memmott


2nd Jun 2021 11:24

The Bocek Bow is the first weapon of its kind introduced into Apex Legends. Released with the new Legacy season, the Bocek Bow has already solidified itself as one of the strongest weapons in the game. Like Valkyrie, players are already begging for a nerf with claims that the Bocek Bow is overpowered. 

So what makes the Bocek Bow so good? What’s the key to dominating with this feature weapon? 

In this guide, we’ll go over the Bocek Bow’s stats/attributes and provide some tips and tricks to using the Marksman compound bow. By the end, readers will have everything they need to know to excel in the new Bocek Bow meta.

Apex Legends Bocek Bow
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Bocek Bow Stats

The Bocek Bow is unlike any other weapon in the Apex Games. One of the ways the Bocek Bow is unique is that it’s capable of dealing ten different levels of damage and has five different rates of fire depending on how far back a user draws the bow.

When it comes to body shots, the Bocek Bow deals 25 damage when tap-fired and can increase up to 70 damage when fully drawn. Not drawing back the bow all the way will cause it to deal either 34, 41, or 50 damage - it all depends on the length of time the bow has been drawn back. Likewise, headshots with the Bocek Bow will deal 31, 43, 51, 63, or 123 a shot based on how drawn it is. Bocek Bow users have the option to trade fire-rate for damage and vice versa.

Bocek Bow Attributes

As one may suspect, other attributes of the Bocek Bow are also affected by the drawback mechanic. The trajectory and velocity of the arrow depends on how far the bow has been drawn back. When fully drawn, the Bocek Bow is capable of travelling about 200 metres in a straight line. The Bocek Bow doesn’t really suffer from the bullet drop mechanic that plagues traditional guns.

Another distinctive property of the Bocek Bow is that it does not ever need to be reloaded. The Bocek Bow uses arrows as ammo. Arrows come in stacks of 48 and can be recovered after firing, making the Bocek Bow extremely ammo-efficient.

The Bocek Bow comes with yet another unique trait - 100% hip-fire accuracy. The Bocek Bow is the only weapon in the game capable of firing from the hip with full accuracy. 

Finally, the Bocek Bow is the first real stealth weapon introduced into Apex Legends. The bow has very little weapon audio or visible projectile trajectory. This makes it quite difficult to determine where approaching arrows are coming from. Bocek Bow users can typically fire off a few arrows before the enemy team even knows what hit them.

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General Tips For Using The Bocek Bow

Fully Draw The Bow For Extra Power

Bocek Bow users should fully draw the bow whenever possible. Fully drawn shots do much more damage than a shot that was only partially drawn back. On top of that, fully drawn shots are far more accurate and travel at a much faster rate of speed.

When drawn all the way back, a Bocek Bow shot feels hitscan. The arrow will go exactly where you’re aiming and reach the destination almost immediately. The rate of fire increase from tap-firing the Bocek Bow is not worth the loss of power. Take the extra time to draw the bow fully.

Hip-Fire Is King

It may come as a shock to some players, but the Bocek Bow is more than a long-range marksman weapon. The Bocek Bow is extremely formidable when hip-fired. 

Unlike other weapons in Apex Legends, the Bocek Bow is 100% accurate when hip-fired. This makes it so the Bocek Bow is not a complete liability at close range. 

An enemy catch you by surprise? Turn and hip-fire the bow at their body for a quick 70 damage. Hip-firing the Bocek Bow is a totally viable strategy and is sometimes preferable to aiming down sight.

Use The Bocek Bow To Farm Evo Shields

The Bocek Bow is the perfect tool for building up your Evo Shield in the early game. A “Sniper/Pokefest” meta has developed, especially in Ranked Mode, where opposing teams will battle back and forth at long range with the sole purpose of dealing damage and building their Evo Shields. These teams usually have no intention of actually finishing one another; they’re just doing this to build up their shields.

Previously, the Charge Rifle was the weapon of choice for this job. But now, the Bocek Bow may be an even better option. The Bocek Bow fires high-damage arrows off at a rapid rate. These projectiles are not near as obnoxious as the Charge Rifle and are easier to conserve than sniper ammo.

Grab a Bocek Bow early on and use it to poke away at teams in the distance. You’ll find yourself equipped with the elusive Red Evo Shield in no time.

As readers can tell by now, the Bocek Bow is an all-around beast of a weapon. Use this guide to master the deadly compound bow and eliminate opponents with haste.


Images via Respawn Entertainment

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