How To Unlock Doctor Doom's God Emperor Style And Victory Von Doom Emote

How To Unlock Doctor Doom's God Emperor Style And Victory Von Doom Emote

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2nd Sep 2020 14:00

Victor Von Doom (aka Doctor Doom) is one of Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4's featured skins. The Marvel villain comes with a whole slew of cosmetics, including skin styles and his very own emote. Perhaps the most sought after of these items is Doctor Doom's God Emperor style and the Victory Von Doom emote. These two cosmetics require completing a series of specific challenges revolving around Doctor Doom. Some of these challenges are fairly easy, while one, in particular, can actually be quite tricky.

In this guide, we will highlight exactly how to unlock Doctor Doom's God Emperor style, and the Victory Von Doom emote. Additionally, we'll run readers through some tips and tricks related to each challenge so that you can show off these impressive cosmetics as soon as possible.

Unlocking Doctor Doom's God Emperor Style

God Emperor is a slick white and gold reskin of the Doctor Doom skin. There are two steps to unlocking this unique style variant.

First, players must reach level 67 in the Chapter 2 - Season 4 Battle Pass. This will unlock the standard Doctor Doom skin. Battle Pass tiers can be purchased for V-Bucks, but most players choose to progress through it the old fashion way. Each tier of the Battle Pass requires a certain amount of XP to level it up. XP can be earned through a wide variety of methods. Daily and Weekly challenges, XP Coins, Punch Cards, and normal gameplay all reward XP toward the Battle Pass. If you're looking for help on the Weekly challenges, check out our Weekly Challenge Guide.

Unfortunately, the second step required to unlock the God Emperor style is not yet achievable. Players must complete ten total Weekly challenges from Week 7 and 8. Obviously, this is not yet possible. Week 7 is the earliest players will be able to equip this special variant.

We will update this piece with our Week 7 and 8 Challenge Guides.

Unlocking Doctor Doom's Victory Von Doom Emote

Unlike the God Emperor style, the Victory Von Doom emote can be unlocked right now. The Victory Von Doom emote becomes available at tier 74 of the Battle Pass. Reaching tier 74 will unlock Doctor Doom's exclusive Awakening Challenges. Players must complete all three Awakening Challenges to unlock the emote. All of these challenges require that the player is wearing the Doctor Doom skin.

The three challenges are as follows:

  1. Visit Doctor Doom's Statue as Doctor Doom 
  2. Visit a Giant Throne as Doctor Doom
  3. Emote as Doctor Doom During a Victory Royale
How To Unlock Doctor Doom Emote
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Visit Doctor Doom's Statue as Doctor Doom 

This first challenge requires players to visit one of Chapter 2 - Season 4's new POIs. Doom's Domain is located where the iconic Pleasant Park used to be.

Drop into any game mode and head straight for Doom's Domain. Doctor Doom's Statue watches over the location and can be found smack dab in the centre. The statue is enormous and unmistakable; you can't miss it.

Climb the steps up to the statue, or better yet, hot-drop onto it. Challenge one is now complete.

Visit a giant throne as Doctor Doom

Similar to the first challenge, players will need to visit another locale on the map. This time, it's not a statue, but a giant throne we are after. This throne can be found on a small mountain peak just under Retail Row in the south-east corner of the map. Reference our map above for the giant throne's exact location.

The throne is made of stone and trees. It has chests and other loot on top of it and will become more recognisable as one gets closer. Land on or climb up to the throne. Now there's just one more Awakening Challenge to go.

Emote as Doctor Doom During a Victory Royale

Players will need to pull off a Victory Royale for this one. For some, achieving this may sound like a pain. However, we'll let you in on a little secret. The Victory Royale can be achieved in any game mode, including Team Rumble. This makes this final challenge a whole lot easier.

Equip the Doctor Doom skin and jump into Team Rumble. Play as you normally would and do your best to lead your team to victory. It may take a few matches, but eventually, your team will win.

During the Victory Royale celebration, perform an emote, any emote. DO NOT forget this small detail. You will not receive credit for the challenge if you don't use an emote in the final seconds. Forgetting means you'll have to go back and win another match.

Congratulations! Doctor Doom's Awakening Challenges have been completed. You can finally sit atop Doctor Doom's throne of victory.

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