How To Join Friends In Fall Guys

How To Join Friends In Fall Guys
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27th Jun 2022 17:48

You may want to know how to join friends in Fall Guys, as there is a lot of fun to be had for players who join up with their mates to fight for the crown and victory. Fall Guys is a battle royale where sixty players fight through various mini-games, slowly whittling it down to a select few who compete in a final free-for-all to become the winner. You can also join up with three friends to help each other toward the final, before it becomes every person for themselves. So check out how to join friends in Fall Guys

How To Join Friends In Fall Guys

How To Join Friends In Fall Guys
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Due to the Mediatonic sale to Epic Games, when booting up Fall Guys, you will need to connect your Epic Games account, but it asks you to do this automatically when getting to the main menu. This also allows you to access crossplay between the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch. 

After this, you will want to make sure you add your friend's Epic account so you can access them from your friends list. We cover this in our how to invite friends in Fall Guys guide, but the process is as simple as accessing the social menu and searching for their name. 


Once you are friends, you can either wait for an invite and then accept it from the social menu, or you can simply join them assuming they have an open lobby, both of which will place you in the same party so you’re ready to begin queueing. If you are on the same platform as your friends, you can also just join them the usual way, without needing to access the Fall Guys social menu. 

That's all for our primer on how to join friends in Fall Guys, and now you know how the process works for all platforms.

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