How To Get The Lost Ark Frostfire Island Token

How To Get The Lost Ark Frostfire Island Token
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10th May 2022 16:26

The Lost Ark Frostfire Island Token will be of the last tokens that you will likely find in the end-game due to how difficult it can be to acquire, but we're here to show you how. Island Tokens are a big part of Lost Ark's end-game content, allowing you to collect them to trade in for powerful resources and equipment. So for a rundown on how to get the Lost Ark Frostfire Island Token, read on. 

Lost Ark Frostfire Island Token: Location

Lost Ark Frostfire Island Token locations
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Frostfire Island is located inside an inland sea at the very top of the map, west of the Shushire continent. It's the only thing located in that area, and the best way to get there is by taking your ship from the Frozen Seaport. The entrance to the inland sea is also located just north of Lost Ark Medeia, which is a PvP island. 

It's one of the game's permanent islands, so you won't need to access it at any certain time, but you will need to get to item level 460 first before taking part in the quests. However, we recommend waiting for item level 1385 due to the nature of how you get the Island Token, which we'll break down in the next section. 


Lost Ark Frostfire Island Token: How To Get

Lost Ark Frostfire Island Token
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To get the Frostfire Island Token, you will need to defeat the Lost Ark world boss located on the island's centre, called Braeleos. He embodies the island's name quite literally, by combining both fire and ice attacks to destroy opponents. Like we said, you should get to item level 1385 before taking part in this fight, and Braeleos will spawn every hour, so there are plenty of chances to take him on during the day.

You can also check out exactly when he will spawn in by checking the Procyon's Compass or the alarm clock icons on your user interface. As the Frostfire Island Token drop rate is based on RNG, you may have to defeat Braeleos a few times before earning it. 

That's our walkthrough for how to get the Lost Ark Frostfire Island Token, and now should have an idea of how to track down Braeleos and defeat him with other players. 

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