How To Get A Kill With Gibraltar's Bombardment

How To Get A Kill With Gibraltar's Bombardment
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Katie Memmott


22nd Jun 2021 16:15

In what may be the most-memed and most-hated challenge in Apex Legends, it never takes long in a season for this particular mission to roll around. As part of the Weekly Challenges, getting a kill with Gibraltar’s Ultimate (Bombardment) almost always shows up during any given season, much to the chagrin of many Apex players.

While there are many conflicting reports about how to complete this pesky Gibby challenge, we’re here to set the record straight and tell you just how to get a kill with Gibraltar’s Bombardment.

Apex legends Gibraltar bombardment challenge

There are a few different ways to get a kill using Gibraltar’s Ult, and while they may sound simple enough, it can take many players several days of grinding to find the right moment to drop the Bombardment and complete the challenge.

In the past, killing yourself with your own Ultimate while playing as Gibraltar apparently worked, but it has since been patched out, meaning you now definitely need to kill an enemy player to tick this one off your list.

apex legends Gibraltar bombardment challenge
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It turns out the only way to successfully complete this challenge is to down the player with the Bombardment, resulting in an eventual kill (either by gunning them down or letting the bombs finish them off).

The best tip to pull this off is to use the element of surprise – sneak up on an enemy team looting, third party a fight, or simply chuck it into the final circle at the end of a match and hope for the best.

Using the Ult in an open area is also for the best, as it won’t give enemies time to duck into cover or hide in a nearby building.

Damaging players before throwing the Ultimate is also a good shout, at least breaking their shields before finishing them off (by downing them) with the Bombardment.

Timing is everything with this Apex Legends challenge, and it can be tough to complete. So, for the completionists out there - we wish you luck, and happy Ult-ing!

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