How To Become A Streamer

How To Become A Streamer

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Joseph Kime


8th Jul 2021 16:51

So, you want to be a streamer. The market of online content creators is an oversaturated one for sure, but it can’t hurt to dive in and see where the world of streamed entertainment can take you.

It’s all well and good wanting to be the next Dr Disrepsect or Pokimane - but there’s a bit more to do before you get your hands on that Twitch affiliate email.

Here’s what you need to do in order to be the internet’s next big thing.

Check Your Rig

How To Start Streaming
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The first thing you’re going to need is, of course, a computer that can actually handle your streams. Check that streams aren’t too demanding for your PC or laptop before you kick off - you wouldn’t want to go live and watch your game drop to 3 frames per second because it can’t handle your broadcast and the game at the same time.

Twitch recommends that you use a rig with an Intel Core i5-4670 processor, 8GB of RAM and Windows 7 (or its macOS counterpart) as the bare minimum. Streams are taxing on hardware, so make sure your device can actually handle it first. If not, it might be time for an upgrade.

Invest In The Hardware (And Software)

Of course, you can go straight in with a bare-bones stream if you like, but nothing will convince your viewers to stick around quite like something nice to look at and listen to. The most important addition is a quality microphone above all else, then you can grab an HD webcam and maybe even some fancy lighting on top of that. It’s not an exact necessity, but building a fancy setup will help engage your viewers and set you apart from the swathes of streamers already on the platform you’re shooting for.

You’ll also need some kind of streaming software to help you really go live, but there’s a few on the market with different pros and cons. Get some research done, find the one that works best for you, and don’t be afraid to invest in it. If all goes well, you’ll thank yourself later.

Consistency Is Key

Chances are you’ve heard this advice, so often it’s becoming annoying, but trust us, it’s crucial. Your viewers are more likely to tune in to your streams when they actually know you’re streaming.

Even if you’re only online once or twice a week, let your viewers know in advance when you’re live and what you’re streaming, and try to keep it consistent week-to-week. A schedule will not only give your streaming life a bit more structure, but will make it easier for your viewers too. It’s a win-win situation!

Pick A Lane (But Have A Plan B)

How To Start Streaming
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A lot of people go into streaming knowing exactly what they want to play. Whether you’re an Overwatch buff or fancy a go at GTA roleplay, it’s entirely up to you, and it’s good to have a niche - but be careful. If the one game you play has a crisis and its community crumbles, there’s every chance yours will too.

Diversify the games you play, and every once in a while play something outside of your comfort zone. Once your audience is used to you not just playing the same games on rotation, it won’t be a massive shock to them if you have to defer from your favourite game.

Interact With Your Community

Your streams are, above anything else, for your viewers. You’ll be creating a community with your streams, so why not get involved? Read chat and answer questions, thank your community for donations and subs, and really get involved with them.

Once you’ve fostered that community and a feeling of friendship, your viewers will be far more likely to tune in the next time you go live.

Finally - Have Fun!

How To Start Streaming
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It’s soppy, we know, but if you’re not having fun, your viewers will know, and they’ll have no reason to have fun either. You’re doing this because you love gaming, and you want to share that - so focus on the games you love and just get stuck in with it.

Those are our tips for getting started in streaming. No matter which platform or game you choose to get started with, there’s no better time to get into streaming. And who knows, maybe you could be the next big thing...


Joseph Kime
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