How Much Will Overwatch 2 Cost?

How Much Will Overwatch 2 Cost?
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12th Jun 2022 18:52

The Overwatch 2 price is a big point of concern for fans eagerly awaiting the sequel to Blizzard Entertainment’s 6v6 shooter, and they shouldn’t have to wait long, but the question remains – how much will Overwatch 2 cost?

Overwatch 1 was released way back in 2016, and the Standard Edition launched at a price point of $39.99. It’s rather unlikely that Overwatch 2 price will meet this same cost though. Thanks to inflation and the rising price of new releases, we would've expected this to be around $60/£50, as the next-gen games typically are.

Overwatch 2’s exclusive PVE content - taking on the form of hundreds of Story and Hero Missions - is a big part of this new price point, so how much is Overwatch 2?


Is Overwatch 2 Going To Be Free?

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It did seem unlikely that Overwatch 2 was going to be completely free, but thanks to the Xbox Bethesda showcase, fans have got some seriously good news.

Overwatch 2 will be completely free to play when it releases on October 4, 2022. This is a huge plus for the franchise and we expect the player base to thrive because of this.

Original Overwatch owners will get a free Founders Pack which includes skins, an icon, and a surprise gift.

That's all for our primer on the Overwatch 2 price, and now you know how much Overwatch 2 will cost, depending on if you just want access to the multiplayer or the PvE component.

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