How Long Is Weird West? Chapters And Length Explained

How Long Is Weird West? Chapters And Length Explained
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31st Mar 2022 14:00

You might be wondering how long is Weird West before jumping into the fantasy western RPG, as it has a pretty unique structure in the genre, and is still an indie title despite the big names behind it. Weird West combines the immersive sim and CRPG genres, giving you an isometric window into a reactive world across five different episodes. If you want to know how this pans out for the length, read on to answer - how long is Weird West?

How Long Is Weird West?

Weird West Length
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Though Weird West comes with five episodes that feature different characters and stories, each individual one isn't overly long, giving you an anthology collection of interlocking narratives that also tie together one big plot. If you're looking to just mainline the story and figure out the answers to what on earth is happening, Weird West will probably run you around 15 hours. This puts each episode at an average of three hours, but some do run a little shorter than others, so you can easily go over or under that total. 

If you want to sit back and really soak in the game by exploring much of what it has to offer in terms of side quests, locations, and the lore, you'll easily get 25 to 30 hours out of Weird West. There are optional side plots that run across the entire game, along with self-contained quests in individual episodes, so there is plenty of content to engage or not engage in depending on your roleplaying choices.


Completionists on the other hand, will have a lot to deal with when it comes to getting all the achievements and more for the game, taking up to 60 hours. Many of the game's achievements relate to different choices in quests and completing alternative objectives, so you'll have a few playthroughs to do. You can get around this by abusing saves before certain choices, but that's only one aspect of the entire game. Weird West has a lot of collectibles to find and secrets hidden away, so you'll have to do some hard investigation to do all there is to do. 

That's our answer to the question - how long is Weird West? Now you'll know how much time the game should run depending on your playstyle. 

We have a series of Weird West Tips to help introduce you to the game and give you some pointers to make the most of your time.


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