How Do You Get Heirlooms In Apex Legends?

How Do You Get Heirlooms In Apex Legends?

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13th Apr 2021 15:30

The most coveted cosmetic set in all of Apex Legends is an Heirloom. Consisting of a banner pose, melee weapon, and intro quip, Legend-specific Heirlooms are sought after, because of their abject rarity.

The first-ever Heirloom was for Wraith and included her infamous kunai, which she spins as she runs, and uses for deadly stabbing melee attacks. At the time, Heirlooms could only be received via Apex Packs, and were random (not the Heirloom Shard system we know today), and incredibly rare.

Nowadays, Apex Heirlooms run on a shard system, in which 150 Heirloom Shards will grant you the Heirloom of your choice via the Heirloom store. But just how rare are Heirloom Shards to receive? And how can you get one fast? 

How do you get heirlooms on Apex fast?

Unfortunately, there is no way to "speed up" being granted Heirloom Shards, but 150 Shards are guaranteed on the 500th Apex Pack you open - so, keep grinding! 

Now, before you think "surely by my 500th Apex Pack I'll have spent a small fortune" - you're right, and you're wrong. Remember that Apex Packs are earned via Battle Pass tiers, and through levelling up your account, so you are guaranteed dozens of "free" Apex Packs along the way. 

For those wondering just how close they are to their 500th pack, and that elusive Heirloom, you can use the Apex Packs Calculator, which will ask you to enter data about how many seasons you've been playing for, an estimated number of Packs you've bought outright, and your account level to determine how close you may be to a set of Boxing Gloves, Drumsticks, or Hammer.

apex legends heirloom - how much do heirlooms cost
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An Heirloom Shard Apex Pack

How much does it cost to get an heirloom in Apex legends?

150 Heirloom Shards are needed to unlock any number of Heirloom Sets and will arrive in the form of an Apex Pack. However, during Apex Legends' Collection Events (where new Legend Heirlooms are generally dropped), you can "earn" the Shards yourself by collecting all 24 items of the event's collection set, via Event Packs or outright buying or crafting skins or cosmetic items. 

What is the chance of getting an heirloom in Apex?
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The Fight or Fright Collection Event Page, where Lifeline's Heirloom was up for grabs

What is the chance of getting an heirloom in Apex?

Speaking on the rarity of being granted Heirloom Shards in an Apex Pack (and not in the Collection Event tracks) there is a 1% chance of opening 150 Shards, but as aforementioned, by the 500th pack it is guaranteed.

How many heirlooms are there in Apex legends?

There are nine total Heirloom Sets available in Apex Legends at the time of writing, each with its own melee weapon, intro quip, and banner pose.

Apex Legends - Wraith's Heirloom Set

Banner Pose: Fearless

Melee Weapon Skin: Kunai (Dagger)

Intro Quip: "You know what I look like - come find me."

Available since: Launch.

Apex Legends - Bloodhound's Heirloom Set

Banner Pose: Glory Hound

Melee Weapon Skin: Raven's Bite (Axe)

Intro Quip: "I honour those who've risen, not those who've fallen."

Available since: The Iron Crown Collection Event.

Apex Legends - Lifeline's Heirloom Set

Banner Pose: Shock Sticks

Melee Weapon Skin: Shock Sticks (Drumsticks)

Intro Quip: "Check yo self - or wreck yo self. (laugh)"

Available since: The Fight or Fright Collection Event. 

How many heirlooms are there in Apex legends?
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Apex Legends - Pathfinder's Heirloom Set

Banner Pose: Lights Out

Melee Weapon Skin: Boxing Gloves

Kill Quip: "Did you see how great I was? I did all kinds of really amazing moves... are you listening?"

Available since: The Holo-Day Bash Collection Event. 

Apex Legends - Octane's Heirloom Set

Banner Pose: Spin and Flick

Melee weapon skin: Butterfly Knife 

Intro Quip: "Run fast. Hit fast. Win fast."

Available since: The System Override Collection Event. 

Apex Legends - Mirage's Heirloom Set

Banner Pose: You Really Love Me

Melee weapon skin: Too Much Witt (A Golden Trophy)

Intro Quip: "Excited to see you all in the ring. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of ‘mes’ to go around."

Available since: The Lost Treasures Collection Event. 

Apex Legends - Caustic's Heirloom Set

Banner Pose: Hammer Time

Melee weapon skin: Death Hammer (Hammer)

Intro Quip: "I look forward to getting my hands on you."

Available since: The Aftermarket Collection Event.

Apex Legends - Gibraltar's Heirloom Set

Banner Pose: Like a Rock

Melee weapon skin: War Club (Hatchet)

Intro Quip: "When this is over, they'll all know the name 'Gibraltar.'"

Available since: The Fight Night Collection Event.

Apex Legends - Bangalore's Heirloom Set

Banner Pose: No Gun, No Problem

Melee weapon skin: Cold Steel (Machete)

Intro Quip: "Hope you're not afraid to get your hands dirty"

Available since: The Chaos Theory Collection Event. 

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