Halo Infinite Tenrai Event: How To Unlock The Yoroi Samurai Armor

Halo Infinite Tenrai Event: How To Unlock The Yoroi Samurai Armor
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16th Nov 2021 13:40

The Halo Infinite Tenrai Event is finally back, with the second edition of the game's first ever event back and better than ever. If you missed your chance to progress toward the Yoiroi armor during the first Halo Infinite event, now is the time to try and work through the battle pass again. We're here to clear the air by answering what is the Halo Infinite Tenrai Event, what it consists of, and how to unlock the Halo Infinite Yoroi armor.

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Halo Infinite Tenrai Event: How To Unlock The Yoroi Armor 

An armour set called Yoroi is highlighted by a spotlight.
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The Halo Infinite Yoroi armor can be viewed in the Armor Hall, alongside the base Mark VII and Mark V armor cores. The Halo Infinite Samurai armor is labelled as a legendary armor core. Below the Halo Infinite Yoroi Samurai armor core is text explaining that it is unlocked via the Fracture: Tenrai Event.

Essentially, players will need to reach level five in the Halo Infinite Tenrai event battle pass to unlock the Yoroi armor. This is done by completing event specific challenges, so read on more for a breakdown of the whole event. 

Halo Infinite Tenrai Event: What Is The Fracture Tenrai Event? 

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The Halo Infinite Tenrai Event is part of 343 Industries' ongoing live service model for the shooter. Titled as Fracture, these limited time events allow armor sets, not typically a part of the Halo universe, to spice up the look of players. Fractures were first introduced in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and will continue with Halo Infinite. 

The first of these fracture events is the Halo Infinite Tenrai Event, which started on November 23. It ran for a week until November 19, and now the second edition of the event is here which started on January 4, 2022. This time it will run until January 10, and will return again next month, from February 1 until February 7.

343 Industries released a blog post prior to launch that detailed their plans for the Fracture events, specifically the Tenrai Event. It stated: "This event will be available for all players approximately one week per month during Season One, and the event will come and go throughout the season; available for players to make progress. Each time the Fracture returns, your progress will carry over."

The Halo Infinite Yoroi Armor can be earned for free as part of the event. There are other armor parts that can be unlocked during the event and added to the Yoroi armor core, as well as skins, emblems, and XP grants.

Due to fan backlash during the last iteration, 343 Industries has slightly changed how the event works this time. Previously you could only work through seven ranks of the 30 tiered battle pass during the event, which has now been boosted to 10. You also won't suffer from having to reroll for the event specific challenges which are marked by a red star, as now there will always be one in your challenge log.

There are still the same thirty unlocks to work through in the battle pass. The full list of unlocks from the Tenrai Event can be seen below.

  • 1 Torii Reflection Nameplate Background
  • 2 Challenges Swap
  • 3 XP Grant
  • 4 Samurai Emblem
  • 5 Yoroi Armor Core 
  • 6 Challenge Swap
  • 7 XP Grant
  • 8 XP Grant
  • 9 Samurai Vehicle Emblem
  • 10 Gatekeeper Left Shoulder
  • 11 Challenge Swap
  • 12 XP Grant
  • 13 XP Grant
  • 14 Samurai Armor Emblem
  • 15 Gatekeeper Right Shoulder
  • 16 Challenge Swap
  • 17 XP Grant
  • 18 XP Grant
  • 19 Samurai Weapon Emblem
  • 20 Sold Devil MA40 AR Weapon Coating
  • 21 Challenge Swap
  • 22 XP Grant
  • 23 XP Grant
  • 24 Whispered Sky MK50 Sidekick Weapon Coating
  • 25 Yokai Helmet
  • 26 Challenge Swap
  • 27 XP Grant
  • 28 Whispered Sky BR75 Battle Rifle Weapon Coating
  • 29Spring Blossom Filter Helmet Attachment
  • 30 Swordsman's Belt Hip Attachment

The Halo Infinite Tenrai event also added a new game mode called Fiesta, which is Slayer but with random weapons and no set pick up points. This has been added to normal rotation now, but you can still complete Tenrai event challenges pertaining to this mode.

There are also new shop bundles and items as part of the event. The big one is the Chonmage armor set which comes with a new stance, armor coating, and some additional armor parts to add to the Yoroi set. Additonally, there are daily bundles that follow the Tenrai theme. 

Halo Infinite Tenrai Event: What Time Does It Start?

The official Halo Twitter account made a Tweet that stated the Halo Infinite Tenrai Event will begin on November 23, at 10AM PT/6PM GMT/1PM ET. While the dates aren't the same in the future, the event always begins following the weekly Tuesday reset. 

This isn't the only event that looks to happening soon for Halo Infinite, as 343 did announce some of the other ones that will occur during Season One in a Tweet. These are titled: HCS Spotlight, Halo Infinite Winter Contingency, Cyber Showdown, and Tactical Ops. They don't appear to be Fracture events, so it's unknown how they will function and what kind of unlocks will be available.

That is how you unlock the Halo Infinite Yoroi armor, as part of the Fracture: Tenrai Event. Make sure you are ready for the event by checking out our Halo Infinite Multiplayer tips.


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