Halo Infinite Spire Collectibles

Halo Infinite Spire Collectibles
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Tarran Stockton


15th Dec 2021 11:56

Need to find the Halo Infinite Spire collectibles? Spire has some of the fewest collectibles in the game, and comes after Conservatory in Halo Infinite, which features no collectibles to speak of. With only two to track down, it shouldn't take players too long. So, here's our guide on the Halo Infinite Spire collectibles.

Halo Infinite Spire Collectibles Locations

The Spire mission in Halo Infinite only has two collectibles to find, which are:

  • 1 UNSC Audio Log
  • 1 Spartan Core

UNSC Audio Log

Halo Infinite Spire UNSC Audio Log
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After navigating your way in front of the Spire, you should come across the wreckage of a Warthog and a UNSC soldier located nearby. There are quite a few enemies nearby so clear them out first, and you'll find the Audio Log just next to the Warthog wreckage.

Spartan Core

Halo Infinite Spire Spartan Core
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After finding the UNSC Audio Log, the Spartan Core can be found just nearby. Turn right from the destroyed Warthog and walk until you find a downed Pelican. The collectible can be found just next to it.

Those are the Halo Infinite Spire collectibles. Don't forget to look at our guides for the other missions too:

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