Halo Infinite Shock Rifle: How To Get A Kill

Halo Infinite Shock Rifle: How To Get A Kill
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18th Nov 2021 13:26

The Halo Infinite Shock Rifle comes from Master Chief's latest enemies in the Infinite campaign, called the Banished. The challenges system for Halo Infinite asks players to complete various tasks, many of which involve getting kills with the game's cast of unique weapons. Some newer weapons, though, like the Shock Rifle, aren't fully understood by players with its unique attacks. It's a power weapon, so it spawns in select points on some maps, meaning players have to contest for it. If you need to understand how the Halo Infinite Shock Rifle works, along with how to complete its relevant challenge, then read on. 

Halo Infinite Shock Rifle: What Is It And Where Can It Be Found?

Halo Infinite Shock Rifle full spread
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As previously mentioned, the Shock Rifle is a Banished weapon that acts similar to a sniper rifle in a few ways. Not to be confused with the other Banished sniper-like weapon named the Skewer, which hits much harder. The Shock Rifle only has four bullets in a magazine, much like the UNSC sniper variant, which has been present in every Halo since its inception. The weapon fires slowly and only has one zoom setting, meaning it's not the most appropriate for longer ranges. 

Shots to the head of a Spartan will kill instantly, and even narrowly missing an enemy will cause some damage from the cascade of electricity. The electricity can also arc to other enemies if they are stood near each other, meaning you can really damage an entire team with a well-placed shot, if not kill them if they lack armour. Like the other shock-based weapons in the game, it can disable vehicles if you hit them enough, leaving the drivers and passengers for dead if you can react quickly. 

It's a power weapon, so requires you to find where it spawns on the game's maps to pick it up. You'll also likely have to contest with other players and enemies for picking it up, as it's an effective weapon in a good player's hands. One of the best maps for it is Recharge, where it can be located on a ledge just above the B spot on the Strongholds mode, and is perfect for putting the pressure on the other capture points. 

Halo Infinite Shock Rifle: How To Get A Kill

Halo Infinite Shock Rifle EMP
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Like the other challenges for weapons, it requires the player to kill at least one enemy with the Shock Rifle for a nice XP reward for levelling up your battle pass. Halo Infinite weekly challenges not working? Don't worry too much, as it's a problem many players are facing in-game, and the link above will provide you with some ways to bypass it. 

For console players or just controller users, we have a guide for the best Halo Infinite controller settings, and for PC users, check out our best Halo Infinite PC settings.


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