Halo Infinite Nexus Collectibles

Halo Infinite Nexus Collectibles
Images: Xbox Game Studios

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Tarran Stockton


15th Dec 2021 15:19

Looking for the Halo Infinite Nexus collectibles? This mission sees you finally entering the Nexus, a Forerunner structure which you've spent the past few missions in Halo Infinite working to open. There's only two to find here and one of them will automatically unlock as part of the story, so it shouldn't be too tricky to get to. So, for the Halo Infinite Nexus collectibles location, read on.

Halo Infinite Nexus Collectibles Locations 

Like we said, there's only one missable collectible in this mission, which is a UNSC Audio Log

UNSC Audio Log

Halo Infinite Nexus UNSC Audio Log
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After progressing through most of the mission, you will get to a room where you need to install a bunch of Power Seeds. When you're inside the room, there are three doors to go into. If you go up the stairs and through the central doors, positioned on the left side next to a weapons locker and a pillar along the wall, is the Audio Log.

Those are the Halo Infinite Nexus collectibles. Don't forget to look at our guides for the other missions too:

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