Halo Infinite Mythic Medal: How To Earn Slaying With Style

Halo Infinite Mythic Medal: How To Earn Slaying With Style
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17th Nov 2021 13:53

The Halo Infinite Mythic Medal seems to be eluding some players, as obtaining it doesn't seem to be so straightforward. In Halo Infinite, there are a litany of challenges to complete that will help you level through the Season 1 battle pass, and a tonne of achievements to grab on top of that. One achievement is called Slaying With Style, and involves the player earning a Mythic Medal that seems to be confusing some players, as it's not entirely clear what one is. However, if you need the Halo Infinite Mythic Medal, then this guide has all the information you'll need for obtaining it. 

Halo Infinite Mythic Medal: How To Acquire It

Halo Infinite Mythic Medal
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The achievement related to this medal is called Slaying with Style, and it requires the player to earn a Mythic Medal in matchmaking - but confusingly, the medal doesn't appear to exist. According to a post on trueachievements.com, the Mythic Medal is related to the medals you acquire for going on high kill streaks. These medals are Overkill, Extermination, Perfection, and Running Riot.

This means to get the achievement, you'll need to go on a long killstreak or kill a large group of players in rapid succession. This may seem like a hard ask, as you may need to get a killstreak of 15 to get it. In that case, an easy workaround involves playing the Bot Bootcamp mode, which as you may guess places you against bots. 

Once you boot it up, it's a matter of going on a killstreak until the 'Slaying with Style' achievement pops, in which case you'll have successfully acquired the Mythic Medal. It's possible that getting the achievement in Bot Bootcamp could be patched out in the future, so you'll want to get it as soon as possible. 

If you're still struggling to get the Mythic Medal, then don't forget to check our Halo Infinite multiplayer tips, and the best Halo Infinite weapons.

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