Halo Infinite Foundation Collectibles

Halo Infinite Foundation Collectibles
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14th Dec 2021 16:25

Looking for the Halo Infinite Foundation collectibles? The second mission in Halo Infinite takes place underneath Zeta Halo, in some weirdly hexagonal environments. Like the other 14 missions across Master Chief's journey, Foundation has some missable collectibles, and we know you want them all. Here are the locations for all the Halo Infinite Foundation collectibles.

Halo Infinite Foundation Collectibles Locations

Foundation is exactly the same as Warship Gbraakon, with four collectibles, one of which is unmissable and part of the story. These are: 

  • 2 UNSC Audio Logs
  • 1 Banished Audio Log
  • 1 Skull

Cowbell Skull

Halo Infinite Foundation collectibles
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After you've reached the main level objective of retrieving the Weapon, you'll reach a room with some holograms. Just past that is a room with some enemies and a huge pit nearby. If you look up at the high ceiling, you'll spot a series of platforms you can grapple to and eventually reach the skull.

Banished Audio Log

Halo Infinite Foundation collectibles
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Continuing on, you'll eventually come to a room with a raised platform and a mounted gun at the end, with blue energy running through the middle. At the end of that platform, you can find the audio log in a room with some enemies. It's just beside a door, on top of some cases. 

UNSC Audio Log

Halo Infinite Foundation collectibles
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This last one is hard to miss as it's right next to an essential item for finishing the mission. When you attempt to boot the elevator near the mission's end, you'll be sent to find a power seed. In the room with the power seed, just on the left of where it's located, you can find the last audio log.

Those are the Halo Infinite Foundation collectibles, but make sure to check out these guides for the other missions too:

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