Halo Infinite Equipment: How To Use Repulsor, Active Camo, And More

Halo Infinite Equipment: How To Use Repulsor, Active Camo, And More
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19th Nov 2021 12:15

The new Halo Infinite equipment system feels like a hybrid of Halo 3 and Halo Reach, and it adds another dimension to multiplayer fights. The new equipment isn't explained very well in Halo Infinite, and players new players may wonder what some of them do. Some are fairly self-explanatory, and others return from previous Halo entries, but if you want the rundown on all the currently available Halo Infinite equipment and how they work, read on.

Halo Infinite Equipment: Where To Find How To Use Them

In Halo Infinite, equipment occupies a unique slot in your inventory, positioned on the HUD next to the grenades. By default, you spawn with no equipment, but they are plentiful on every map in the game. Upon picking one up, it can be activated by pressing Q on keyboard or RB/R1 on your chosen controller (though our best Halo Infinite controller settings recommend changing it to B/Circle). 

Halo Infinite Equipment: Active Camo

Halo Infinite Equipment active camo
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The Active Camo equipment is a returning element in Halo Infinite, previously introduced in the Halo 3 multiplayer. It works much the same, aside from you having to activate it yourself. The ability turns you invisible similarly to Predator, meaning you have a very faint blur that gives you away, though it's very difficult to spot. Firing your weapon or taking damage will deactivate the invisibility temporarily, but if you managed to find sanctuary and stay still it will activate again.

Halo Infinite Equipment: Drop Wall

Halo Infinite Equipment drop wall
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The Drop Wall is a new implementation in Infinite, but it is inspired by previous shield abilities in the older games. Using it will drop an energy wall just in front of you, which is divided into different square segments that break separately from each other. You can use this to your advantage by making little windows to shoot the enemies, but they can just easily break a segment and pop shots back. Shooting the little generator at the bottom of the Drop Wall will also break it all at once. 

Halo Infinite Equipment: Grapple Shot

Halo Infinite Equipment grapple shot
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In much of the Halo Infinite campaign videos shown so far, the Grapple Shot has been on full display, highlighting it as an exciting addition to the game. It's one of the more creative pieces of equipment, and has a plethora of uses. Its main function seems to be traversal, as aiming the grapple at the environment will launch you toward it, letting you climb vertically much quicker. You can also do the same against enemies, launching into a surprise attack easily. On the other side, it can be used to bring things to you, like weapons, other equipment, and the Halo Infinite Fusion Coils.

Halo Infinite Equipment: Overshield

Halo Infinite Equipment overshield
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The Overshield is another returning piece of equipment, that lets you tank your way across the battlefield. Activating it will provide a large boost to your personal shield, doubling its defence capabilities. It's temporary though, as it ticks down over time and as you are shot at, it doesn't refresh itself. It's extremely useful, though, allowing you to make pushes into objectives on modes like Strongholds and tank for your team as they clear up the enemies. 

Halo Infinite Equipment: Repulsor

Halo Infinite Equipment repulsor
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Another new piece of equipment is the Repulsor. It has multiple uses, and once activated, shoots out a shockwave from your arm that sends anything not pinned down around you flying. It's particularly useful for protecting against grenades and disabling vehicles, giving it both defensive and offensive capabilities. 

Halo Infinite Equipment: Threat Sensor

Halo Infinite Equipment threat sensor
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The Threat Sensor may rise to the top of the Halo Infinite meta, as with any multiplayer shooter, information is key, and information is the Threat Sensor's one purpose. Using it will fire a probe that sticks to surfaces, sending out a 3D scan that reveals enemies in every direction. Obviously, this lets you nullify enemies trying to stealth and lurk in the corners of maps, and also gives you a massive information advantage, especially in Ranked where the mini-map is disabled. 

Halo Infinite Equipment: Thruster

Halo Infinite Equipment thruster
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Much like the arena shooters of old, Halo is a game that rewards players who constantly move, and the Thruster is a key piece of equipment for this. It functions like a dash, and can be used on the ground or in-air, letting you move quickly in any direction. It also has multiple uses, letting you dodge shots, close the gap on an enemy, and more. 

You should now be familiar with all the game's equipment, but there's plenty more to master in Infinite, so don't forget to check our list of the best Halo Infinite weapons. We also have a more general guide of the Halo Infinite multiplayer tips, to aid you in getting the edge over the other Spartans.


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