Halo Infinite Crossplay: How Does Crossplay Work

Halo Infinite Crossplay: How Does Crossplay Work
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Tarran Stockton


19th Jan 2022 10:49

How does Halo Infinite crossplay work? It's a fair question, as it's not really explained in the game how it all functions, and for players who want to personalise their experience and who they play with, it's a vital feature. Halo Infinite has been out for a while now, and there still hasn't been updates regarding how crossplay works, so here's our rundown of the Halo Infinite crossplay system. 

Halo Infinite Crossplay: How It Works

Halo Infinite crossplay
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It seems that by default, Halo Infinite crossplay is enabled, so jumping into the game will immediately pit you against players across the PC and console playerbase. Crossplay is more and more common in games now, and players continue to ask for it, as it increases the potential population of a given game. However, Halo Infinite's crossplay isn't explained that well, and doesn't have any customisation options to speak of.

There is no way to toggle crossplay off currently, even more than a month after launch, but some games modes do offer input-based matchmaking. This means players can choose whether they want to play with users on controller or keyboard and mouse, and considering how much of a boon a controller is for Halo, it's a system that PC users may want to make use of. Although typically a mouse and keyboard is better for aiming in first-person titles, Halo makes use of heavy bullet magnetism and aim-assist, which often makes the controller overpowered. 

There's no way to see which players are on PC or console, and you can't even see which input they are using, which is information that other games typically make visible during lobbies and screens showing the players in a match. Obviously, the crossplay system for Halo Infinite still has a ways to go, and it could do with being more informative and letting the playerbase select their preferences. 

That's all for our Halo Infinite crossplay breakdown, and now you should understand how the simple system currently works. We'll update this guide if 343 and Xbox make any changes to the crossplay system, so make sure to check back.

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