Halo Infinite Attrition: New Cyber Showdown Mode Explained

Halo Infinite Attrition: New Cyber Showdown Mode Explained
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Tarran Stockton


19th Jan 2022 10:10

The Halo Infinite Attrition game mode was introduced in the latest Cyber Showdown event, and turns the classic slayer mode on its head by introducing a finite amount of lives. Aside from the new mode, the Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown event adds a new battle pass with cosmetics, challenges, and store items, so fans can coat themselves in neon. If you want an explainer of the Halo Infinite Attrition game mode, then we've got you covered.

Halo Infinite Attrition Explained

Halo Infinite Attrition
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Initially in the leaks for the new Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown event, many players thought that the Attrition mode could be a battle royale or the return of king of the hill. We got neither of these, but the Halo Infinite Attrition mode does make for a different way of playing the game that should remain interesting throughout the event.

Attrition is a mode with similarities to slayer, and sees two teams of four face off against each other in the deathmatch format. Both teams have eight lives that they need to make last during the game, and once those are depleted, teammates can no longer respawn.

Obviously, the winner is then the team which wipes out the other team and leaves them with no lives to respawn in with. Hence, the name Attrition. If a teammate dies, that's not it, and you can revive them by interacting with an orb that spawn above their body, but if you miss that chance, then the team loses a life. The ultimate winner also has to win two out of three rounds. 

Halo Infinite Attrition is a fast-paced mode, and the intensity and stakes can feel high when both team are in the flow of play and every death matters more than ever. For players who aren't the best, it can suck a little due to the long respawn timers, and once the lives are gone you can potentially spend over five minutes sat there waiting. However, for people familiar with Counter-Strike or Search and Destroy game modes, it should come naturally and provides a different way to experience Halo multiplayer. 

That's all for our explanation of the Halo Infinite attrition game mode, and now you should understand the rule set along with how to play it.   

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