How To Start GTA Online Payphone Hits

How To Start GTA Online Payphone Hits
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Aaron Bayne


18th Mar 2022 17:00

If you need some extra cash and a dash of notoriety, then you'll want to know how to start GTA Online payphone hits. GTA Online keeps adding new content to its expansive online game, and if you are jumping in to check out the new and improved graphics, then payphone hits are one of the newest ways to earn some cash on the side, which arrived alongside the recent story-based DLC, The Contract. However, starting a payphone hit isn't immediately obvious. But instead of milling around trying to figure it out, we have a solution here in the form of our guide on how to start GTA Online payphone hits. 

How To Start GTA Online Payphone Hits: Complete Three Security Contracts

GTA Online Payphone hits.
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The first step in how to start GTA Online payphone hits is to complete security contracts. However, to do this you are required to know how to start The Contract in GTA Online, and how to register as a CEO in GTA Online. Once both of these have been done, you can head to your computer at the Agency, and start one of the three contracts you will need to pull off. These will range from collecting stolen vehicles to protecting valuable assets. 

How To Start GTA Online Payphone Hits: Payphone Hits Locations

locations for the GTA Online Payphone hits.
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Once you have completed all three security contracts, you are one step closer to starting the GTA Online payphone hits. At this point, you should get a call from Franklin, who will inform you that you are now able to accept payphone hits when they call. Annoyingly, payphone hits are a sort of luck of the draw to start, as you will need to be within the vicinity of a payphone before it actually calls you for a hit. However, if you go to the position shown above, you should be able to find a payphone. There are quite a few payphones scattered throughout Los Santos, and once you are within range of one it should ring. Approach it, hit the prompt button, and you will start a GTA Online payphone contract. 

How To Start GTA Online Payphone Hits: Call Franklin

YFranklin to start GTA ONline Payphone hits.
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Now that you know how to start GTA Online payphone hits, you should be able to start them on-demand. Just call up Franklin and you can request a payphone hit. He will then send you to a payphone which will begin running for you to answer. From then on out this will be how to start GTA Online payphone hits. 

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