Ghostwire Tokyo Hyakki Yako: How To Find Hyakki Yako Parades

Ghostwire Tokyo Hyakki Yako: How To Find Hyakki Yako Parades
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4th Apr 2022 13:36

Ghostwire Tokyo Hyakki Yako are the processions of ghostly figures you will see from time to time around Shibuya. Ghostwire Tokyo has plenty of spooky goings-on, but few more freaky than the Hyakki Yako. These processions of the dead parade through the streets of Tokyo, and provide players with a massive challenge if they are not careful. If you have been smart enough to stay away from these creepy carnivals, here is everything you need to know about Ghostwire Tokyo Hyakki Yako.

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Ghostwire Tokyo Hyakki Yako: Where Do They Happen?

Ghostwire Tokyo Hyakki Yako: Where Do They Happen, at Shibuya Crossing
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Intentionally tracking down Ghostwire Tokyo Hyakki Yako is not an easy task. They don’t appear on the map, there is no timer or any indication of where or when they will appear. They do have set places they appear, but whether there is any rhyme or reason to their apparitions is not known. They are known to appear on the roads near the Sakano Shrine, the Mikubo Shrine, the most northern road on the map, and particularly at Shibuya Crossing.

At the start of the game, the Ghostwire Tokyo Hyakki Yako marches across Shibuya Scramble in a cutscene and sure enough, that seems to be their favourite spot. If you are trying to force an encounter with the parade of spirits, a good idea would be to head for Shibuya Crossing. If it doesn’t trigger, fast travel to one of the nearby shrines and return. Rinse and repeat until, hopefully, you’ll be graced by the mortally-challenged march.


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Ghostwire Tokyo Hyakki Yako: What Do They Do?

Ghostwire Tokyo Hyakki Yako: What Do They Do, as the procession passes by
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Your instinct upon meeting the Ghostwire Tokyo Hyakki Yako might be to keep your distance, this is a good instinct and you should listen to it. However, making contact with the parade is not the instant game over you might expect. In fact, completionists will need to seek out Ghostwire Tokyo Hyakki Yako to get that 100%. You see, one of the things Ghostwire Tokyo tasks you with is collecting the spirits of Shibuya residents who have been separated from their physical forms. One of the biggest sources of those spirits is the Hyakki Yako.

When you run into this gregarious grouping of ghouls and ghosts, you are transported to an arena. Here you need to face off against waves of Visitors. These can be quite tough early on, but a breeze to a late-game Akito. Defeat the enemies, and you will be rewarded with a nice big pile of souls to be sent back to the world of the living. After your first battle, you will see there is now a counter on your map. Under the counter of souls you have saved, alongside the number you have freed from containment cubes, you will now see that there are ten thousand spirits you must save from the Kyakki Yako. So, go find more parades to rain on.

There you have it, everything you need to know about Ghostwire Tokyo Hyakki Yako.

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