How To Get Diluc In Genshin Impact

How To Get Diluc In Genshin Impact
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16th Jun 2022 17:10

To get Diluc in your Genshin Impact party, you'll have to first understand how the Wish system works. Genshin Impact frequently drops Character Event Wishes in which characters are available to 'wish' for in a gacha system. For more details on who Diluc is and how to get Diluc into your party, read on.

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Genshin Impact: Who Is Diluc?

Diluc at his tavern in Mondstadt
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Diluc is first introduced in the story through the 'Wild Escape' portion of 'For A Tomorrow Without Tears' Archon quest. Diluc is a five-star Pyro character who specialises in using a Claymore. You first encounter Diluc at his tavern in Mondstadt whilst escaping from guards, and he decides to help you restore Venti's Lyre in a bid to bring peace to Mondstadt and Dvalin's reign of terror.

Diluc also owns the Dawn Winery and is part of the affluent Ragnvindr Clan, one of the last remaining noble houses of Mondstadt since it became a democracy. He was once a Knight of Favronius, but has since split ways with the organisation.

Genshin Impact: How To Wish For Diluc

Diluc in the party system
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Diluc has been available in the following Character Event Wishes:

  • Standard Wish Wanderlust Invocation
  • Beginners' Wish
  • All Character Event Wishes

To participate in the event, you will have to convert Primogems into 'Fates' which can then be used to place a 'Wish' on a banner. The characters and items you get are randomised like a loot box, with rarer characters having a decreased drop rate percentage.


Genshin Impact: How Level Up Diluc

Diluc during combat, showing Pyro abilities
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Each character in Genshin Impact requires a different Talent Book to upgrade their stats. Talent Books are upgrade materials rewarded through completing Domain challenges.

Diluc requires Resistance Talent Books, Mora, Recruit, Sergeant, and Lieutenant's Insignia for the initial levels. For higher levels, Dvalin's Plume and Crown of Insight are also required. Resistance Talent Books can be found by completing the Forsaken Rift Domain challenges on Tuesdays, Fridays, or Sundays.

  • Talent Books can also be found in chests throughout Teyvat, to learn all the Shrine of Depths locations in Genshin Impact for more chests, read here.

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