Games Like Among Us: 10 Titles To Have You Feeling Sus

Games Like Among Us: 10 Titles To Have You Feeling Sus
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18th Jan 2022 17:19

If you're looking for some video games like Among Us, we've got you covered, as there are a fair few out there in the social deduction genre. We have a range of titles, some of which replicate Among Us directly - but most of them bring their own style and gameplay ideas to the table. Of course, each game here shares that same gameplay cycle of investigation and deceit, which is the very core of a social deduction game, and what made Among Us so fun and easy to engage with. So, here is our list of ten games like Among Us, that of course, you can play with all your friends.

Games Like Among Us: Unfortunate Spacemen

Games Like Among Us Unfortunate Spacemen
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New Blood Interactive

Unfortunate Spacemen plays very similarly to Among Us itself, and sees a group of players trapped in a space station and forced to complete tasks to be rescued - all the while, one of them is actually a shapeshifting monster. It takes on a first-person perspective, and all players are given guns, so they can directly kill the traitor, or vote them out at certain points. One of the big distinctions of Unfortunate Spacemen, is that the traitor can shapeshift at any point into a powerful monster for a more personal kill. 

The moments where a group discovers the identity of the traitor can also reverse the experience, and turn it into a game of cat and mouse as they hunt them down. Unfortunate Spacemen also revels in its charming setting.

It can be scary in the actual gameplay moments, but the narrator and the worldbuilding have a satirical edge, parodying the callousness that big corporations can display to the menial labourers. This whole package is surprisingly refined and complete for a small budget indie title, and has enough variation to last you for a while. 

Games Like Among Us: Goose Goose Duck

Games Like Among Us Goose Goose Duck
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Gaggle Studios

Goose Goose Duck is another title that evokes Among Us in much of its gameplay, even taking on the same perspective and a similar art style. It has a more overtly silly aesthetic than Among Us with its geese spacemen and traitor ducks - which suggests the existence of a great waterfowl war - but it plays almost exactly the same, making it more of an interesting reskin. There are some extra options to add classes which can change up the dynamic a lot, and you can even craft cosmetics which is a cool addition, but it's more of the same.

Games Like Among Us: Town Of Salem

Games Like Among Us Town Of Salem
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Town of Salem is a classic social deduction game, and one of the finest examples in the genre. It takes place in a small town, with an aesthetic reminiscent of the Salem witch hunt trials, except this time not everyone is innocent. Most players take on the role of a town member, while other cans be mafia, serial killers, arsonists, or neutrals, who are all trying to eliminate the townsfolk. 

There are also more unique roles, which expands the depth of Town of Salem, making it a different experience during subsequent games. A typical game is broken down into a night phase and a day phase. During the night, players can use their abilities, such as serial killers who attempt to kill people or doctors who can heal town members. In the day, everyone meets to discuss who they suspect of being evil and vote to put someone on trial, which allows them to mount a defence, and leads to the ultimate judgement where everyone will vote on their life.

Games Like Among Us: Secret Hitler (Tabletop Simulator)

Games Like Among Us Secret Hitler
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Goat, Wolf, & Cabbage

Secret Hitler originated as a board game, but it can be played through the Steam workshop of Tabletop Simulator. It's played with a series of cards, and players assume the role of a liberal or a fascist during the Weimar Republic, with one of them playing Hitler. The game involves both parties competitively enacting policies which will further their progress to win, or either party completing a secondary objective with Hitler to win earlier. 

As a card game, you can also pick up the physical version to play in person, but the Tabletop Simulator edition of the game makes for a solid method of play. It can have a steep learning curve because of the little extra mechanics that are thrown in, like assassinations and rotating Chancellors, but it rewards players with a deep game that signifies all the best aspects of a social deduction game.

Games Like Among Us: Trouble In Terrorist Town

Games Like Among Us TTT
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Trouble In Terrorist Town is a classic gamemode that has been prevalent in Source games for years, and can be played in Garry's Mod, Counterstrike and Team Fortress 2 - but we'll mostly talk about the GMod version here. It's a first-person game where players are split between the role of terrorists and the innocent. Terrorists have special equipment they can take advantage of, and they win by eliminating all innocents, whereas the innocent just need to outlast the terrorists.

As it's only played on custom servers, different communities can employ different rule sets and mechanics, such as adding new weapons, maps with secrets, and roles that the innocent can play, like the detective. It's a constant favourite among the above games where it can be played, and you can always find a full server to play on if you don't have a large enough group of friends.

Games Like Among Us: Deceit

Games Like Among Us Deceit
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World Makers

Deceit is a more grounded and psychological entry on this list, and one of the few games here that constitutes a horror experience. It's again split into the innocent and the traitors, and the group wakes up in unknown and desolate surroundings, where the traitors have been infected with a deadly virus and need to spread it to win.

The innocents need to finish objectives and escape with their life, but they can find items along the way to help with survival and even take out the infected.

Games Like Among Us: Secret Neighbour

Games Like Among Us Secret Neighbour
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Secret Neighbour is actually a spin-off to a single player game called Hello Neighbour. It contains the same gameplay loop as the original, with a player sneaking into a neighbourhood home that feels a little off, and exploring while trying to avoid the neighbour themselves. This time there is a group of you though, and one of you is the neighbour in disguise. 

The colourful and sometimes creepy aesthetic works wonders, along with the accompanying visual style that creates portrays suburbia with a weird uncanny valley. With a group it feels endlessly satisfying, as the tasks feel more like puzzles which are rewarding to solve, and there is even a level editor for you to make your own trap-laden homes. 

Games Like Among Us: Spy Party 

Games Like Among Us Spy Party
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Chris Hecker

Spy Party takes on a bit more of a competitive edge in the social deduction genre, and pits two players against each other. The game takes place in a cocktail party, where the spy has to hide in plain sight among the guests and complete missions while a sniper waits outside and has to kill them.

When starting as a spy though, you can choose any character model from the party and the sniper only has a single bullet, both of which make their job much more difficult.  

Games Like Among Us: Project Winter 

Games Like Among Us Project Winter
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Other Ocean Group

Project Winter seeks to evoke The Thing with its setting, putting players into the remote winter wilderness and tasking them to survive and escape among traitors. The innocent players will need to brave the cold, fight off hunger, and survive the wilds while they finish tasks to make their escape more imminent.

Traitors on the other hand, need to stop everyone from escaping by weakening them or outright killing them. A cool feature of voting in this game, is that you can't outright kill a player, but you will banish them to the outside, which can even lead innocents to spitefully harm the escape attempts, and lead to a complete dissolution of trust. 

Games Like Among Us: Werewolves Within

Games Like Among Us Werewolves Within
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While Werewolves Within may have a steep entry price as a PSVR game, this added element makes the gameplay feel more personal and the discussion of who is the traitor more visceral.

It's set in a medieval town and werewolves are at large, and plays at a much faster pace than many on this list, so you can experience all the roles quite quickly. A big downside is that the community is small, but it's still a unique VR title, and worth a try if you have the means to do so.


Tarran is a Senior Guides Writer at GGRecon. He previously wrote reviews for his college newspaper before studying Media and Communication at university. His favourite genres include role-playing games, strategy games, and boomer shooters - along with anything indie. You can also find him in the pit at local hardcore shows.

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