How To Get Your Fortnite Wrapped 2022

How To Get Your Fortnite Wrapped 2022
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Coleman Hamstead


3rd Jan 2023 10:57

As we begin a new year, Fortnite Wrapped 2022 is a fun way to see how Fortnite treated you over the past twelve months. Want to see how your performance in 2022 stacks up with the rest of the Fortnite community? Follow the instructions below to get your Fortnite Wrapped 2022.

What Is Fortnite Wrapped 2022?

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End-of-year wrap-ups are becoming increasingly common. Spotify Wrapped is one of the most famous and highly-anticipated yearly recaps. Nowadays, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo all offer wrap-ups and Year in Review recaps that let you see interesting facts about the time you spent with their consoles over the past year. 

As we ring in 2023, Fortnite is getting in on the action courtesy of Fortnite Wrapped. Fortnite Wrapped 2022 is a chance to survey a yearly recap of your stats on Fortnite and see how they stack up with friends and acquaintances.

How many Eliminations and Victory Royales did you secure this year? What was your most-played season? Find the answers to these questions and more thanks to Fortnite Wrapped 2022.

How To Get Your Fortnite Wrapped 2022

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Fortnite Wrapped is a fan-made creation, so it's not something you can check in-game or on the official Epic Games Fortnite website. 

  1. Instead, you'll need to visit the 2022 Wrapped page on the FNZone website.

  2. Next, enter your Epic Games Account ID into the search bar and click "Search".

  3. If you entered your Epic Games Account ID correctly, a card will pop up displaying your 2022 Fortnite Wrapped. This personalised card will put on view what you accomplished in Fortnite over the past year, such as your number of hours played, Eliminations, and Victory Royales.

If you'd like, you can download your Fortnite Wrapped 2022 or show it off to friends via a shareable link.

Don't waste another minute! Go get your 2022 Fortnite Wrapped as a memento to another year of Fortnite.

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