How To Unlock The Wolverine Set In Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4

How To Unlock The Wolverine Set In Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4

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Coleman Hamstead


11th Sep 2020 16:00

James "Logan" Howlett, aka Wolverine, is one of Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4's featured skins. The Marvel superhero comes with a whole series of cosmetics, including skin styles, and his own personal Adamantium Claws pickaxe. 

Unlocking Wolverine is different from other skins. No amount of XP or V-Bucks will net you Wolverine. He has his own personal Challenge Tab in the Battle Pass hub. Players must tread through a series of Wolverine specific challenges if they desire the power of the X-Men antihero. 

In this guide, we will highlight exactly how to unlock Wolverine and his Classic style, plus how to wield his retractable claws as a pickaxe. Additionally, we'll run readers through some tips and tricks related to each challenge, so that you can show off these high-end cosmetics as soon as possible.

Unlocking Wolverine 

Wolverine is Chapter 2 - Season 4's secret mystery skin. These skins have always been treated special, and this time is no different. Unlike the other Marvel heroes and villains, Wolverine can not be unlocked through Battle Pass tiers or V-Bucks. Players must complete a series of specific challenges to unlock this sought-after superhero. 

The challenges are as follows:

  1. Week 1: Investigate mysterious claw marks | 0/3
  2. Week 2: Find the Loading Screen Picture at a Quinjet Patrol Site | 0/1
  3. Week 3: Find the Sentinel head in Dirty Docks | 0/1
  4. Week 4: Power up a Sentinel Chest Piece | 0/1
  5. Week 5: Locate a "Mutant Containment truck" | 0/1
  6. Week 6: Defeat Wolverine (Rec. 4 Players) | 0/1
  7. Week 7: Deal damage/destroy objects with "gameplay attack" item 
  8. Week 8: Apply Healing as Wolverine
  9. Week 9: Complete The Awakening Challenge to unlock Wolverine's Claws! | (0/2)

Week 1: Investigate Mysterious Claw Marks

Wolverine's first challenge has players take on the role of Sherlock Holmes. Players must investigate the peculiar claw marks appearing around the Fortnite map.

Various claw marks have begun to pop up in the Weeping Woods area. There are three different sets of claw marks in total. 

The first set of claw marks can be found in the northern section of Weeping Woods. The claw marks are visible on the west side of the wooden lodge.

From the lodge, head south until you stumble upon a small pond. Alongside the pond should be a large boulder. The second set of claw marks are engrained on the rock.

Finally, walk east into the RV parking lot. Inside the lot should be a bright green RV. Players will find the final set of claw marks on its right side.

Week 2: Find the Loading Screen Picture at a Quinjet Patrol Site

Quinjets are the loud, obnoxious jets that burst past the Battle Bus at the beginning of each match. These jets land randomly at different locations on the map. Each landing spot is marked by a white jet symbol on the map, and can be identified by the cloud of blue smoke rising in the air.

Players can choose to visit any Quinjet Patrol Site. Inside each Quinjet, there is a loading screen. Clear the area and enter the Quinjet. The loading screen rests on the back right wall. Interact with it to complete Wolverine’s Week 2 challenge.

While you’re there, consider completing the other weekly challenges associated with Quinjet Patrol Sites.

Week 3: Find the Sentinel Head in Dirty Docks

Wolverine has decimated a Sentinel robot. Fortnite players have been tasked with cleaning up the scraps.

Head to Dirty Docks and look out for the remnants of a battle. Within the scraps should be a decapitated Sentinel head. Collect the head to complete the challenge. Players can now wear Wolverine’s Trophy as a back bling.

Week 4: Power up a Sentinel Chest Piece 

In Week 4, players must take the missing head from the previous week and use it to power up a Sentinel. This challenge will become active on September 17.

As you may have guessed, this challenge takes place at one of Chapter 2 - Season 4’s new POIs - Sentinel Graveyard. The full details of this challenge have not yet been leaked, so we can only assume what comes next. Travel to Sentinel Graveyard and choose one of the many robotic corpses that litter the area. Climb up on top of one and interact with its chest area. This should breathe new life into the decrepit Sentinel.

Fortnite Wolverine Challenges
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Week 5: Locate a "Mutant Containment Truck"

This challenge will become active on September 24. As of now, the details are largely unknown. The fact that "Mutant Containment truck" is in quotes suggests that the name is merely a placeholder for something else.

Players will need to locate a specific item on the map. We will update this piece as we learn more.

Week 6: Defeat Wolverine (Rec. 4 Players)

This may go down as one of the hardest challenges in Fortnite history. Players will need to defeat Wolverine. Doing so will unlock the standard Wolverine skin.

While this challenge recommends four players, defeating Wolverine won't be the challenging part. The large presence of enemy players will be what makes this challenge close to impossible.

Wolverine only spawns once per match at a single location. That means EVERY single player that wants the skin will be landing there. It's safe to say that half the lobby will be competing to eliminate Wolverine during release week.

Wolverine is debatably the most iconic Marvel hero of all. He is immensely popular, and there's no doubt almost everyone will want to unlock the skin as quickly as possible. Acquiring Wolverine will likely require fighting off the entire lobby — all at once.

Alternatively, players can choose to wait a week or two. By then, the location will be much less hot. If you can't wait, may the odds be ever in your favour. 

Fortnite Wolverine Challenges
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Week 7: Deal Damage/Destroy Objects with "Gameplay Attack" Item 

Similar to Week 5, the details around this challenge are murky. This challenge won't officially release until early October, so there's plenty of time for Epic Games to make changes. 

As of now, it sounds like players will be required to deal damage and destroy objects with a specific in-game item. Could this be a new weapon? Maybe one of the new Mythic items? We'll just have to wait and see.

Week 8: Apply Healing as Wolverine

Week 8 gives us a pretty easy, clear-cut challenge. Heal up as Wolverine. There are all kinds of different tools for this job. Med Kits, Bandages, Floppers, Chug Splashes, and more, will all provide credit for this challenge.

A little trick to remember is that it's possible to self-inflict damage. Once you have the appropriate healing items, build four to five stories up and jump. You'll be inflicted with minor damage. Heal up right away to progress through the challenge. Repeat these steps until you've reached the required healing threshold.

Fortnite Wolverine Challenges
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Unlocking Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws

Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws are available for unlocking after nine weeks of challenges. Wolverine’s Claws replace the standard pickaxe. Players can use the SNIKT! emote to reveal and retract the claws.

These claws are unlocked separately from Wolverine’s standard challenges. Players must complete a set of Awakening Challenges similar to those attached to heroes like Groot and Mystique.

Wolverine’s Awakening Challenges will become active the same day as the Wolverine skin - October 1. Until then, we won’t know the specifics around these challenges. All we know is that they will have something to do with restoring Wolverine’s memories. The Marvel heroes seem to have lost their powers and memories when they travelled through a rift into the Fortnite universe. 

Fortnite Wolverine Challenges
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Unlocking Wolverine’s Classic Style

Classic is an OG variant of the standard Wolverine skin. There are two prerequisites before players can leap into action wearing the throwback style.

First, players must unlock the standard Wolverine skin. This is done by completing the Week 6 Wolverine Challenge. Same as with Doctor Doom, Iron Man, and Fortnite bosses of the past, Wolverine will appear on the map, ready to challenge players. To unlock the skin, players must defeat Wolverine himself in a battle. The standard Wolverine skin will be granted to players that can defeat this powerful opponent.

Unfortunately, the second step required to unlock the Classic style is not yet achievable. Players must complete ten total Weekly challenges from Week 5 and 6. This may sound devastating to fans of Wolverine’s original style, but don’t fret. This timeline lines up perfectly with when players will be able to unlock Wolverine. The earliest players can get their hands on the standard Wolverine skin is Week 6. So, the fact that we can complete this requirement ahead of time works out perfectly.

Check back here in a couple of weeks. We will update this piece with our Week 5 and 6 Challenge Guides.

With that, readers should have everything they need to acquire Wolverine and his impressive set of cosmetics. Follow this guide, and you’ll be one of the first players to roam the map as the legendary Wolverine.

Stay tuned here @GGReconEsports for Fortnite news, guides, features, and more.

Images via Epic Games

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